Free wick from the sky!


The cottonwood is in full bloom in my neighborhood.
It looks like little snow drifts all over the place.
I’m so tempted to grab a handful, remove the seeds, and try it as wick… kidding.


That’s so neat looking! I wish we had that.

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It looks cool but as soon as you open the door it wisps right into the house.
I made the mistake last year of leaving my truck windows down…there were some big clouds coming out of my truck later that afternoon and they weren’t vape clouds.


It LOOKS cool but trust me, it’s not. Those little bits of airborne fluff get EVERYWHERE


Do they mess with allergies or anything?


I’m not sure tbh. I wouldn’t think the fluff would because that’s just seed dispersal. I don’t know if cottonwood pollen is an allergen or not.
I know the fluff is GREAT at clogging air conditioner and car radiator fins.

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