Freemax Fireluke Mesh review by Mjag. Will it finally be what gets mesh popular?

Mesh saw a resurgence last year with some RDA’s and a RTA, I personally only reviewed one, the Cthulhu Azeroth RDA. With some trial and error mesh can be good but my experience didn’t have me wanting to buy any mesh tanks I could get my hands on.

Freemax has entered the mesh fray with the Fireluke Mesh sub ohm tank, first mesh sub ohm tank that I am aware of. Will this be what finally makes mesh popular to the masses? let’s take a look.

What’s included

  • Fireluke mesh tank with 0.15 ohm mesh coil pre-installed
  • 1 extra 0.15 ohm Kanthal Mesh coil rated from 40 to 90 watts
  • Spare glass
  • Spare o’rings


  • 24mm x 41.5mm with drip tip not including 510
  • 3ml capacity (verified with syringe)
  • 810 drip tip compatible with internal o’ring for friction fit goon style drip tips
  • Adjustable airflow

Available in 14 different color and material options

Freemax’s explanation of the mesh advantages

Fit and finish

Right out of the box the tank is as solid as can be, smooth airflow hole adjustment, decent threading and the 810 drip tip is neither too loose or tight, just right. This was with the purple carbon fiber, I also received a “Red” resin which I wish they would just call pink as that is what it is. The resin was about the same with the exception of the AFC which was tight. With use the resin will loosen up once some condensation gets in there though.

They really paid attention to the 810, not only will it take TFV8 style 810 drip tips with dual o’rings but also included a inner o’ring into the opening so friction fit goon style 810 drip tips fit as well. The included drip tip is a little on the short side but it matches, I used it most of the time with little complaint.

In use

After priming the coils, something you should do with any sub ohm tank I proceeded to fill it up with a syringe loaded with 3ml of juice, right to the tippity top, juice capacity confirmed.

The coils are Kanthal mesh, both the same, no other coil options are available at this time. Rated at 40 to 90 watts I started at 40 watts and worked my way up. At 40 watts it is a nice cool draw, very airy draw, more so than the Crown 3 and noisy as well, not whistling but just a turbulent sound to it. The noise didn’t disturb me but other’s may feel differently and it should be noted how noisy it can be compared to other tanks. Working my way up, 10 watts at a time, I found it just get better the more I pushed it. At 90 watts it was a nice warm vape and I pushed it past that to 120 watts and it still took it no problem. At 120 is when the top of the tank began to get a little too warm for my liking if I chain vaped though so I stopped there.
In my normal everyday use I vaped between 60 to 75 watts depending on the juice for a nice cool to warmish vape, cranking it up when I need it a little more hot but it never became uncomfortably hot.

Flavor was really good but different, it was a dry vape and as such it was easier to get the different flavor notes from juices. Some juices I tasted flavors that I hadn’t before, that was more of a separation between flavors. Some people like a juicier vape, this may not be for them but I would definitely recommend they try it for a different experience. I also noticed that when changing flavors it didn’t take long for the old flavor to go away and the new flavor to take over. This might be due to how efficiently the mesh cooks the juice in the cotton evenly.

The Fireluke Mesh won’t win you any cloud competitions but it does chuck a nice dense cloud, if you chuck a cloud in front of a mirror at 75 watts you won’t see your face for a few seconds, an improvement for me…lol.

Coil life is fantastic, got more than 3 weeks of daily use before I felt the need to change the coils. I removed the mesh to see how it looked, not bad, there was a little more crud on it before I shimmied and straightened it out. I am thinking one of the juices I tried gunked it up, got some new flavors in which may have contributed to that. If I had just used some clean juice the whole time I am thinking a month or more is possible.

Almost a month of use on this mesh, the middle had more gunk that came off with my pliers and straightening for the pic.

In the months time I have used the Fireluke Mesh my only real complaint is how fast you can go through it’s 3ml capacity. I have filled it up twice just writing this review and taking pics. It’s a burner for sure, it does reward you with great flavor for being such a glutton though. This tank really could use an extension or better yet a bubble glass to increase its capacity.


  • Great flavor
  • Dense and satisfying cloud production
  • Handled power well past its rated limit
  • Coil life
  • Quick transition from one flavor to another
  • Build quality


  • Juice hog
  • 3ml capacity, this tank would benefit form a bubble glass
  • Only 1 coil option available, a SS316L mesh option would be nice
  • No RTA options

Final thoughts

I started off this review with questioning mesh and if it will ever be popular. Well I can say this is the best implementation of mesh I have personally used and would love to see more prebuilt mesh options in the future. The flavor is great, I am getting hooked on it since I DIY my own juices, easier to pick up different flavor notes.

The downside is definitely how quickly you go through juice, if you DIY your own juice then problem solved. If I was still buying juice on the regular I might pause to use the Fireluke Mesh as my everyday tank, I could easily burn through 25 to 30ml of juice in a day.

The Freemax Fireluke Mesh is an easy recommendation if you can live with the cons, I can and will be ordering more coils for this tank, possibly another tank as well. As always this is a good site to look for deals:

Thanks to Feemax for the opportunity to review the Fireluke Mesh, you can find more info here. Thank you for reading thus far as well, I hope I have helped and if there are any other questions I can answer feel free to ask.

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Great review, Thank you!


Thanks @mjag! You always cover everything I really appreciate your thoroughness!


Thank you @Jim22 and @Cutlass92 I try and if there is any suggestions please feel free to offer them, I am always looking to improve so in turn I can help as much as I can.


Truthfully, you cover it all really well. I can’t think of anything to improve your reviews… except maybe some pics of women in bikinis… oh and maybe some hot guys for the ladies. Seriously, your reviews kick ass!


As always, thank you for doing this! Also, as usual, you used some magic words. This time it was “dry vape”. I have discovered that a dry vape is insta-vapor-tongue for me. But that’s what it’s all about, finding what works and what doesn’t. Bravo!


Wow, thank you @Jim22, that really means a lot and I will work on those bikini pics but I gotta warn you, I look horrible in a bikini :laughing:

@SmilingOgre it isn’t dry as in you want to drink a gallon of water after a vape session, it just isn’t spity at all compared to a lot of subohm tanks. It is a different experience though and may not be for some, like you said brilliantly, find what works and what doesn’t for you as it is all subjective in the end. I appreciate the kind comments, really makes it worthwhile to do reviews.


Solid review. 3ml and a juice hog. Doesn’t match up.:thinking: Still it is a nice looking tank.


Another great review brother!


Yeah @CarolinaVapen, if I put my mind to it I could probably drain the tank in 30 minutes at 75 watts, the only major con but it does reward you with great flavor.

Thanks @TheTinMan, appreciate it brother :+1:


Although I’m not sure if I’m sold on the looks, mesh is fascinatingly new. I def. appreciate the “gunk” updates as that is a seldom reported on factor, which affects us all. Great review, interesting and often left out details from many reviews, and as usual, product placement on different mods is a plus.


Yeah, the looks will be a hit or miss for a lot of people. The red/pink resin I got is good looking if you like pink, I think it would look sharp in the black or blue resin.

I try and include what I always felt was important when I was reading or viewing reviews, what is not important to some may be the deciding factor for others.

I am real happy that I can provide some info that would be useful to you, that is what makes this rewarding to do. Thank you for the comment bud, it is much appreciated.


Another one that seemingly “has potential”… But two points out of the gate leave me with a lackluster desire to try it.

  • only kanthal
  • 25 to 30ml a day usage? (for some reason, that seems light for that amount of surface area. I go through that on my single coil theorem. Lol)

Thanks for the great information as usual!


Awesome job brother, I really dig the look of this but I agree it needs a bigger glass. Haven’t delved into mesh yet even though I have a shit load of it but pre made mesh coils are interesting, thanks for the review fella :wink::+1: :ok_hand: top notch


Another good review that should attract those interested in these tanks.
Keep it up bro :+1:


Nice review dude! :tada:


Yeah, more coil options would be nice, seems for mesh though only SS316L is the only other alternative. My estimated usage is low, I was thinking fill it up once an hour but if your imitating a smoke stack all day then double that easily. Thanks for the comments Rob, appreciate it bud!

@Steampugs yeah, I got 2 rolls of SS mesh and it just sits there, should make a net out of it to trap tuna or something :wink: It can be cool in an RDA, I liked it just as long as I didn’t get a dry hit, like swallowing a running belt sander, esophagus on fire! Thanks mang :+1:

Thanks @Norseman, appreciate it man.

Thank you @VapeyMama :star_struck:



Who hasn’t done that :rofl:


like always a great review i still use tanks with stock coils and like trying new things this looks interesting


Excellent review! Thank you!

I was anxious to read your review on this! You summed it up very accurately and made note of things I noticed, but didn’t really consider or could put into words, in the way a reviewer such as yourself does. That’s a big reason I wanted to read this! What was I not considering with it? Now that I read, yes, there are things I was not considering.

I am using it constantly, and filling it constantly! You are spot on about the capacity! And it’s It’s a juice hog, but I don’t care :joy: It tastes amazing! It’s not enough to make me put it down.

I really want to try the carbon fiber or resin compared to the Stainless Steel, more so after reading your experience. It sounds like they are more solid.