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Please visit Freemax vape website to know more information about Freemax Maxus 200W: Freemax Maxus 200W Kit With M Pro 2 Tank

Owing to the MS Platform, now there are six kinds of MS Mesh Coil Series that are compatible with Marvos Series Kits, including the latest Marvos X Kit: MS-D Mesh Coil 0.15ohm, MS-D Mesh Coil 0.25ohm, MS Mesh Coil 0.15ohm, MS Mesh Coil 0.25ohm, MS Mesh Coil 0.35ohm, and MS Mesh Coil 0.5ohm.

Moreover, there are also four kinds of pods that can support not only Marvos X 100W Kit but also the other Marvos Series Kits.

Here are the four pods below:

  1. Marvos CRC Pod - it adopts a top fill design that is ISO 8317 Child Resistant Certified and super easy and convenient to fill.
  2. Marvos DTL Pod - a bottom refill stoppered by a silicone plug, super easy to refill
  3. Marvos Glass DTL Pod - A kind of high borosilicate glass, also with a bottom refill design
  4. Marvos RTA Pod - it is Freemax’s first rebuildable pod designed for Marvos series products, and features a Twist-Lock design, Two-Sides & Top Airflow Control as well as a replaceable 810 Drip Tip, allowing you to change the airflow as you want while avoiding spit back effectively

As for you, which kind of Pod is your choice for Marvos X 100W Kit?

Today Freemax released their latest new product - Maxpod 3 15W Kit, which is a draw-activated pod system. It consists of a 2mL refillable pod with an integrated coil and a rechargeable 480mAh battery with a USB Type-C port.

This Maxpod 3 Kit currently comes with 0.8ohm or 1.2ohm mesh pod that adopts the child-resistant top-fill design, super safe and convenient to use. Not only that, Maxpod 3 15W Kit utilizes brand-new FM SaltCoilTech 4.0 mesh coil technology, which increases tea fiber content by 50% and uses innovatively-quenched SS904L mesh to bring purer flavors and extend the coil’s lifespan.

The selling points of Freemax Maxpod 3 15W Kit:

  1. FM SaltCoilTech 4.0, Ultra Mouth-to-Lung Solution - 50% Increase in the Tea Fiber, Purer Flavors, and Longer Lifespan & Innovatively-Quenched SS904L Mesh, Pure at the First Puff
  2. Top-Fill Pod, ISO 8317 Child Resistant Certified
  3. Double Color Injection Molding, Exquisite and Excellent
  4. 2mL MD Mesh Pod, Plug and Play
  5. Rechargeable Battery with USB-C Port

Two weeks ago I bought the Freemax Marvos T80 and after a few days the fire button got stuck. As it was still under waranty I got a new one and this works great. It is a powerfull flavor machine and I’m very glad I bought it. The only coils I tested up to now are the 0.15 ohm so I can only testify for these ones and not the 0.25 ohm coils. I hope they provide as much flavor as the others…

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Hi, thanks for your feedback.

Maxpod 3 Kit is Freemax’s first pod system that adopts spanking-new FM SaltCoilTech 4.0 mesh coil technology. The FM SaltCoilTech 4.0 can not only offer you strong throat hits and intense nicotine satisfaction like FM SaltCoilTech 3.0 but also significantly improve the flavors and coil lifespan.

What Are the Advantages of FM SaltCoilTech 4.0?

  1. 50% Increase in the Tea Fiber, Purer Flavors, and Longer Lifespan
    FM SaltCoilTech 4.0 uses all-natural fibers that are extracted from tea leaves and adopts the spunlace process to entangle a web of loose fibers, so its tea fiber content is 50% higher than FM SaltCoilTech 3.0.

Moreover, the newly-upgraded Tea Fiber Cotton Formula with higher fiber content not only has better lipophilicity to soak the e-liquid up into its fibers and hold it there but also significantly improves the lifespan of cotton and brings vapers long-lasting pure flavors.

  1. Innovatively-Quenched SS904L Mesh, Pure at the First Puff

FM SaltCoilTech 4.0 adopts military-grade SS904L mesh that is known for corrosion resistance, fast heating speed, and even heat distribution. The most important thing is that this time the mesh material is innovatively quenched to remove impurities and enhance the ability to resist carbon deposition, allowing vapers to enjoy the purest flavors from the first puff, while further improving the coil lifespan. In addition, FM SaltCoilTech 4.0 contributes to improving compatibility with any e-liquid and offering a smooth vaping experience.

After thousands of times of debugging, the long-lasting Maxpod 3 15W Kit finally stands out with extremely pure flavors and a super long lifespan. The lifespan of the MD Mesh Pod exceeds 95% of the same type of pods on the market, the most excellent and cost-effective choice of its kind.

Freemax Maxpod 3 15W Kit will deeply impress you with the minimalist style, exquisite crystal shell, and excellent texture. It adopts the two-color injection molding process, which combines two high-end plastics together and never fades.

What’s more, it also has 6 stylish colors to meet your diverse needs: Grey, Light Blue, Purple, Yellow, White, and Orange. As for you, which color do you like best? You will feel comfortable holding it in your hands with the exquisite crystal shell and excellent texture.