Freemax new SS904L mesh work with Replay?

just got some of the new Freemax M1, M2 and M3 for the Mesh Pro and X1 and X1 for the Fireluke.

So far haven’t gotten Replay to work with SS904L but I remember SS904L working with Replay and the Crown 4 coils. The Crown 4 SS904L is wire as opposed to mesh with the Freemax, I wonder if that is why it doesn’t work?

If anyone else has had luck using Replay with these new coils then let me know. So far have tried it with the Odin DNA250C and Think Vape Finder DNA250C and neither one works…sigh


Did you mean SS304??
(First time hearing of 904 that I recall… But I know that autocorrect doesn’t usually “misfire” three separate times) chuckles





Just tried chainvaping the coil, unscrew the tank and hit the fire button to clear the ohms, screwed it back on and no difference in resistance. I am thinking the mesh structure is too thin to make a difference as opposed to the 26 or 28g round wire the Crown 4 uses with it’s 904L coils.


You got me brother…


Do you have a TCR for that coil?


If I remember correctly it is like 85 TCR, close to SS316L


I’ve had luck with 88, 92 and 150, although not with that particular coil cuz it’s 904.
Have you run it thru Steam Engine? I’m curious to see if you reconciled this and what the remedy was.


I have had success using TC and replay with the VV 200 mesh and OFRF mesh, both SS316L but the Freemax 904L mesh doesn’t have a lot of surface area to them as you can see in this pic

I have also tried to chain vape the tank to see if it registers a higher ohm when hot and nothing, it stays a consistent ohm which makes it incompatible with TC. As you know for TC to work the metal used has to vary in ohms when hot so the device can establish a baseline. This is why Kanthal and Nichrome don’t work in TC since the ohms stay consistent whether hot or cold.

I have used 904L with the Crown 4 and Replay but those coils are not mesh but rather straight wire.

Tried it on one other mod to change the TCR but get the same results. It will dry hit when the juice runs low. Oh well, luckily I only bought a couple of packs since these will not do TC and performance wise they are just on par with the older Mesh Pro coils, not significantly better.


It appears very similar to 316L so I have no idea why they would choose it. Wiky says:

904L is an austenitic stainless steel. In comparison to 316L, its molybdenum addition gives it superior resistance to localized attack (pitting and crevice corrosion) by chlorides and greater resistance reducing acids and in particular its copper addition gives it useful corrosion resistance to all concentrations of sulphuric acid. Its high alloying content also gives it greater resistance to chloride stress corrosion cracking, but it is still susceptible. Its low carbon content makes it resistant to sensitization by welding and which prevents intergranular corrosion.[1][2][3][4]

It has applications in piping systems, pollution control equipment, heat exchangers, and bleaching systems.[5]

In 1985 Rolex became the first wristwatch manufacturer to utilize 904L grade steel in its watches.[6] Rolex chose to use this variety of steel because it takes a higher polish than other grades of steel and provides greater corrosion resistance, though it does not machine as well and requires specialized equipment to be properly modified into the required shapes.


Composition of 316L:

SAE 316L grade stainless steel, sometimes referred to as A4 stainless steel or marine grade stainless steel , is the second most common austenitic stainless steel after 304/A2 stainless steel. Its primary alloying constituents after iron, are chromium (between 16–18%), nickel (10–12%) and molybdenum (2–3%), with small (<1%) quantities of silicon, phosphorus & sulfur also present. The addition of molybdenum provides greater corrosion resistance than 304, with respect to localized corrosive attack by chlorides and to general corrosion by reducing acids, such as sulfuric acid.[1] 316L grade is the low carbon version of 316 stainless steel. When cold worked, 316 can produce high yield and tensile strengths similar to Duplex stainless grades.

It is commonly used in chemical and petrochemical industry, in food processing, pharmaceutical equipment, medical devices, in potable water[2][3], wastewater treatment[4], in marine applications[5] and architectural applications near the seashore or in urban areas.[6][7]

My gut tells me its just gimmickry. None of those conditions are present in vaping products that I’m aware of.


Yeah, the resistance will always shoot up after a few lengthy hits. Does the graph in Escribe show anything unusual? If not then, there’s always a chance the coil was mis-labeled.


Haven’t had time to plug it into escribe to check out. With 316L it is easy to get a DNA250C to ask if it is a new coil, doesn’t happen with 904L. I do remember the last SS316L mesh coil Freemax put out for the mesh pro had a normal mesh structure like the VV 316L mesh. This new mesh structure is vastly different, better flavor but doesn’t work for TC. I can only conclude that the mass is not enough to make an ohms difference?

@anon36682625 yeah, seems gimmicky to me too. The coils perform the same to me although I have not done a back to back comparison. I was really just interested in TC for the mesh pro which would be awesome but looks like it is not gonna happen.


Yeah those metals are very close to the same. Higher chromium content combined with the molybdenum makes it a bitch to machine. I go through carbide inserts by the dozens with 316l. We aren’t dealing with acids and chlorides and that other stuff.

I’m surprised after reading that they aren’t calling them “Rolex coils” lol.


SS904L is a higher grade than SS316L. The Crown 4 tank was the first tank to use SS904L coils in a sub ohm tank and they had a 0.2 and a 0.4 ohm coil which the 0.4 ohm was rated from 60-70 watts and the 0.2 was rated 70-80 watts. Those could handle higher wattage but if you bought the crown 4 kit the mod had only two settings for temp control it had TCR for tuning in what works best and they had SS904L mode. Here is the weird thing and I think it depends on your mod and how the resistance may vary when vaping so. If the coil is going up in ohms it seems to me it’s almost the same as SS316L. Depending on the mod like an SX mini G class or any yogi chipset I was setting my TCE anywhere between .00094 to .00140. Normally the lower resistance I would vape at the higher end at .00120 to .00140 and if you are familiar with the Vaporesso Gen S mod or the newer Vaporesso mods that you would vape in normal mode it will ask you if you want to vape in TC mode if the wire was SS or anything that is temp control like Titanium and Nickel Ni 200 and I pulled out my old TFV4 tank tried a titanium coil and it worked fine. Not a big fan of Titanium or Nickel wire but I also have an old playboy tank that had the best NI200 coils and they made Clapton NI200 and it was really good and it was higher resistance like a 0.3 ohm and it was like the coil pulled the juice through the cotton and it’s a very good tc coil fit back in the day. I only vape SS316L and 904L and the new fire Luke 3 coils the only coils I will vape tc mode is the single mesh SS904L and maybe the dual coil. I find temp control to be superior than power mode for both SS316L and SS904L it’s something I can dial in based on experience and I recommend it but try changing your TCR values and at first whether you are using a DNA 250 C or a YIHI chipset set your power at the low end of the coil rating. For example the SS904L coils for the Crown 4 tank I would take 0.4 and set your power at 60 watts or 60 joules if using a YIHI chipset and mess around with the TCR so you are at 460 degrees but it’s not going into temp protect. If your mod is going temp protect mode at only 60 watts then your resistance is too low. If you vape the coil Wattage mode and you really like it at 70 watts and you go to TC mode set your power to 70 watts try your resistance on the low side like 0.00088 and if it doesn’t vape well because it’s hitting 460 degrees and shutting off just raise your resistance. A lot of people don’t like temp control mode but I find that a coil that Vapes on the dryer less dense vapor is not very flavorful and if it’s a SS coil I will get that coil where it’s creating denser vapor with unbelievable flavor while also vaping on a SS316L or SS904L coil and i will change the coil after 3 weeks to a month and the coil will look barely broken in. Wattage mode just goes on where temp control fluctuates and it will vape the best.


First off welcome @Justin_93 and thanks for the info.

I haven’t had much success doing TC with the new Freemax SS904L mesh except when using the Hohmtech Hohm wrecker G2, for some reason TC works in the normal SS316 setting. Although it is not perfect it does prevent dry hits, I just have to run my temp a little lower than usual or it can get a little toasty.