FreeMax Starre Pure reviewed ..again

Howdy Folks!
I too am a recent winner of the Freemax Starre Pure tank & was asked to say a few words. So,… Firstly, Id like to thank @Heaven_Gifts for the opportunity. It was a great comp - it was original… entertaining & generally, a whole lotta fun!!..(more like this would be good IMO :wink:), & @CosmicTruth for your stellar review of the Pure- very nicely covered everything so theres no need for me to “dive down to the table”. But… I do have a couple of different experiences to share. Perhaps, consider this more like a share of my experience with, & impressions of the tank rather than a review - this is my first experience with a sub-ohm tank like this & I really dont have anything to compare it to so my opinions will be completely subjective.

Initial impressions. Yep the box is a PITA (that’s not subjective!)… FreeMax, if not the alien’s ribbon idea, maybe some dye-cut thumb-holes down the bottom of the lid so you can grasp the inner bottom of the box to open it.
…But anyhow, once you finally make it into the box, like the Alien says, you’ll find all the usual goodies, along with a very, very clean devise. Unlike the Alien though, the 510 on mine appears to be the correct length - no spacer required.

I really like the look of this tank… it’s sturdy & stylish & the threading is all top-notch. I like the top air flow - & there’s plenty of air! I’m used to the Billow v2 which is relatively restricted by comparison, but I found that while its more breezy than what I’m used to, about 1/2 open is comfy for me. The knurling of the AFC looks great & makes it easy to adjust, although I did move it inadvertently the first couple of times I filled - just something to be wary of. But what I really like the most about the air flow is that it’s relatively quiet. I hate noisy atty’s!

My first experience of the tank was with the coil that came installed - the .25. On my ohm meter it came in at .3 & on the RX it came in at .29. After a short warm-up down low, (&, not having read the instructions, where it probably said not to do this, lol) I took my first toot at 60 watts… Holy moley…what a monster! :scream: .
At this point, I should say that I watched a number of reviews of this tank while waiting for it to arrive…Mat at Suck My Mod said his “sweet spot” was 70 watts on the .25, but he’d run it at 90 without issue. So I was sure I’d be fine at 60… Another review I watched was Heathen’s. At one point, he was explaining the ceramic coil housing, & how it helps keep things cool…just as the Alien also said! And this is where my experience goes a little south, because I found this device, with the .25 coil, gets incredibly, even unbearably hot …even at 50 watts.
Now, it’s entirely likely the reason for this simply that I’m not use to this type of tank, or, it’s possible my .25 was a dud, but needless to say, I persevered for 2 days with this coil using different wattages & different juices & was un-able to find a sweet spot that was good for me - I found it was just too intense… in flavor & heat. Also, I often experienced kind of a bitter (or possibly burnt) after-taste. But again, I put this down to my inexperience with this kind of tank rather than the tank its self - maybe I just didnt spend long enough breaking it in. Another observation is that it drank juice like there’s no tomorrow… but I’m pretty sure they all do that…dont they??

So, praying for better things, I moved on to the .5 coil… & immediately found pure heaven!! It metered in at .53 & .52 on the RX. My first toot was at 30 watts …& wow…it was absolutely wonderful! Truly awesome flavor, warm but not too hot - no shortage of lushus cloud… but overall, a much more relaxed vape than the .25…which suits me just fine!. I soon found my sweet spot at around 35 watts. Also, this coil is much less thirsty than the .25 - for a while there, I was thinking I’d have to start mixing in 240ml batches!

So I dont really know what else to say, except that I really really like this tank (with the .5 coil)! - it has certainly found a place in the daily rotation. I guess the only other thing Id say,… or suggest… is that it’d be good if SS coils became an option one day. But even if they never are, this is a great tank…& at around $20, its a no-brainer! so do yourselves a flavor & go get one!!

I reckon that about wraps it up, so thanks for reading!.. & thanks again to @Heaven_Gifts for sending it my way!.. & in pronto fashion too!!


The more the merrier!! Thanks for the review! :smiley: Sounds pretty interesting, I may have a look-see at it.


I really don’t think you’ll be disappointed …especially with the .5 coil!

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Hey you could have used my thread for your review too :slight_smile: maybe @JoJo can merge them.
The pin was long on my Joyetech eVic VTC Mini, what mod do you have yours on? Is it a RX 200? that one may have a better spring on the MOD’s contact.
I have heard that some folks have problems with the coils, I’d give it a close look at the wire contacts on the bottom make sure they don’t have a short.
As far as the breakin I thought it sounded strange to fill the tank and turn it upside down for a minute, but that might make a difference.
The coils are a bit pricey so I was hoping they would last forever, but I think Joyetech ULTIMO ceramic may hold that record.
Good review you have made, good information, Thanks Mr Trueso :smile:


Oh yeah… I could’ve too …if I’d thought of it lol! Yeah… perhaps they can be merged.
I think I misunderstood you… so its not the 510 on the atty but the mod? no biggie using a spacer though.
Yep, I’m using mine on an RX200 - Ive only got 2 mods… & it sure wont fit on the Pico.[quote=“CosmicTruth, post:4, topic:93669”]
I have heard that some folks have problems with the coils

That’s unfortunate, but at the same time, somewhat reassuring to hear (so, there’s a chance I’m not as big a wuss as I thought!). Yeah, the .25 was just weird… weird full on! It was like wrapping my lips around Mt Vesuvius …not quite as big a bore tho lol. Perhaps I’ll check it for shorts at some stage, but to be honest, the .5 totally floats my boat right at the moment.

Very strange!! (but maybe thats why I dont bother reading instructions!)…I think you’re meant to stick your right toe in your left ear while you wait for that upside down minute :smirk:…now that’d make ALL the difference!

what do you call pricey? $17.90 (down from $20) for 5 over here in Oz. If they last a good while thats ok (everything vape related is thru-the-roof expensive over here!).

Thank you, my Alien friend!..My pleasure. I hope folks find it helpful :smiley: