Fremont and Vegas vaping

Acouple random questions.
Are there any vape shops near Fremont street?
How do the casinos Handel vaping?
Happy new year everybody.

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Suppose to get down to freezing tonight. Just dreaming of Vegas in the summer warms me up. Good question for a post.
I read that Florida and I think Nevada and Washington are favorable vape states.

I found on a Google search.

eVapor8 - 450 Fremont St. Looks like it’s located in the Neonopolis, It’s near the Zip Line tower.

It had a couple of favorable reviews.

Love Fremont, can’t wait to go back.

Can’t comment on the LV casinos & vaping. I was smoking the cigs when I was there, and they don’t mind that. I would assume it’s a ‘use your best judgement and common sense’ thing. If you’re chucking the monster clouds and fogging up the place, someone may complain. I’ve vaped in the Michigan casinos, without a problem, but I’m a low power vaper and don’t make any more cloud action than a regular smoker.

Have fun! Catch Carl Ferris, the ‘Fremont Sax Man’ if you get a chance. He puts on a show almost nightly, on Fremont, right in front of the Golden Nugget. Awesome sax player. Free show, and he’s really good. He has some videos on youtube,

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Well I must report no issues vaping at the tables while drinking and playing cards. Talked with a lot of people about mixing and vaping. It was pretty fun.

I did end up going to the brick and motor shop that was recommend above because the ceiling leaked water…and it happened to right above the battery charging station I setup. Thankfully it just shorted out. Fried a battery and charger. Waiting to see if the hotel will give me some money for the loss.

But the brick and motor shop had fair prices which I was really surprised. Nice job on that. They did open an hour and half late, but Atleast the prices where fair…I was expecting a large increase because everything cost more in tourist areas…but no, it was more than fair.


When it warms up some, I plan to go. Been to Reno/Tahoe many times so I can take or leave the casinos. I want to vape and see the sites in Vegas. Sit in the back of a tour bus vaping with the window cracked watching the scenery and relax.