French Vanilla TPA VS French Vanilla V2 CAP

I’m making this recipe:

It calls for TPA French Vanilla, but I just accidentally used French Vanilla V2 CAP. Is there much difference between the 2 as far as concentration goes? BTW I made this recipe before the correct way, and I swear its a Suicide Bunny The OB clone. Nothing I’ve made has come close to The OB besides this… even recipes intended to be a clone.


What you need to do is find a recipe that has the FV V2 Cap in it. Click of the flavor and check out it’s profile, then compare it to the TFA FV. Basically compare the average mixing percentages. This should answer your question…


Duh on me… I always forget about that. The flavor profile pages are very helpful. Looks like they are pretty much the same concentration-wise. Thank you sir.