Fresh new koi in the pond of DIY

Hello all and good evening from Georgia!

I got my first mail yesterday, all my supplies along with some Blueberry, Blackberry, Blue Raspberry, Extreme Ice and Polar Blast. I’ve always loved Blueberry and Menthol so I based my first order around that. Just made a second order tonight to start working on some Strawberry Cheesecakes and bakeries.

I have my first question. I made some samples last night. 5% single flavors to try them out. 70/30 vg pg with no nicotine. 5ml each. I have 24 mg/ml pg nicotine and I was wondering is there a way to add nicotine after the fact or should I just leave the samples alone at this point? I made them all last night and then decided today I probably should have added nicotine in case I liked them and wanted to vape it all up :joy: I usually do 6mg nicotine btw.


You absoultly can add nic but be ware it will throw off your pg/vg ratio and slightly dilute your flavors… Of you had a higher mg nic the affect would be less because you wouldn’t have to add much at all… But for a first timer it is good to start with lower nic until you get used to it… Welcome to ELR! A ton of great people here who are happy to help

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I’m in my car using my phone so no computer at my disposal at the moment and I can’t do that kind of math on the fly lol maybe someone else can help with how much it will throw off your ratios

it states 1.3 grams of 24 mg/ml should be added to equal 6 mg of nicotine now bc you’ve put the base in prior I am sure this will be somewhat lower nicotine wise since the original batch you most likely went all the way to 5ml of base… not sure if this makes sense.

I will trash this in a little while as I am just making an example for you.


Thank you all for the quick response! But yes I made it exactly to 5ml without the nicotine.

So this will yield slightly lower not by much. Also it can reduce the flavor just a touch by dilution. Good to know you are making small batches and learning your flavors by Single flavor mixes !

Oh and where are my manner’s welcome to ELR !

Really I was concerned because without the nicotine my 5% mix included 1.25ml of PG to make up the difference. So I wasn’t sure how bad it would mess up the vg pg ratio to add in the pg based nicotine.


I see…well it will some but I don’t think enough to cause too much of a fuss. If anything you could add in a bit of Vg but then again you’re Nicotine level will go down again. It’s best to build a recipe including the nicotine for this reason that way once it’s steeped or when you feel like it you can add the nic… but I get it , it was prob on a whim.

Exactly haha, oh well I was just wondering, but I believe I’ll leave them alone just to keep testing steep times every week or so and leave the nic out.

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That’s the easiest way about it. You could make a 5 ml batch and add the nicotine…then again you could make a 10 ml batch add enough nic to compensate for the additional 5 mls that has no nic and combine the two as well.

Well thanks for the help!