Fridge or not to fridge

Ok. Random question. Should I refrigerate my concentrations from FA/cap/INW ect? To get the longest shelf life? Sure on the Warmest setting?

Here is my setup…apartment. No Ac for the main living area(too cheap to run all the time). It can get to 80-90 degrees in my place.

My concern is that I takes my 6-10 months to get through my most used 30ml concentrates. My less used 12-15months.


That amount of time probably isn’t an issue, but the heat may be. With it getting that warm in your place, I would probably refrigerate. At least during the hottest months. I don’t with mine cuz I have a tiny apartment and barely space for food in my fridge. It can get up to 80, but I haven’t had any problems yet with bad flavors unless they were bad to begin with. :wink:


Yeah, I’m just planning my vape budget. Sure the amount of flavors (135) does not compare at all to our famous flavor hoarders (@Amy2 tee-her-hee). However, I can’t afford to replace a bunch if they go bad.


I heard that. They should be pretty stable. PG is a pretty good preservative afaik.


If you can easily refrig. it can’t hurt if you esp have the room (The lower the temperature usually the lower the molecular activity). I wonder what bakers do with flavors in a hot bakery, probably don’t have them long enough to find out or not that critical for baking.

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I’ve got all my tobacco flavours in a cool-box since they’re my favourites. The rest I have in a chest in a place that doesn’t get direct sunlight so it keeps cool. All the doubles I have I keep in the fridge. Yes, I know it’s terrible, so many flavours and still being greedy enough to have doubles of stuff I don’t want to run out off unexpectedly. :blush:


Yeah, it’s kinda a ponderance / wonderment of info.

The thing is I am planning a flavor shopping spree July 4th. At that time I will stock up my most commonly used flavors (the must haves like strawberry watermelon, fresh cream FA, Vienna cream FA, marshmallow FA ect). I know I will use them up eventually.

My biggest worry is what will happen in August with the fda stuff. Especially with DIY. Hopefully nothing. But what if. I probably have enough flavoring to last a year. But those bases are so important that I couldn’t live with fresh cream and Vienna cream FA…they are my key to my fruity’mc’fruit vapes. I know I will run out of them in October or November.

Now I just need to safely store them

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When I started DIY two years ago I called and talked to Wizard Labs on how to store my flavors. They told me it a food grade product and should be treated that way. Keep as cool as possible.
I’ve always kept my flavors in the fridge at coldest setting until a couple months ago.
Someone on ELR said its not the best for flavors to get so cold. However, during the time my flavoring was kept coldest setting I never had a problem except brown sugar and AP or EM. They would get crystals in them.

So being the way I am I went on Amazon and purchased a programmable timer so I could manipulate the temp of fridge by turning fridge on four times a day keeping temp at 68 degrees ( room temperature). Also put a remote thermometer in fridge. Worked great for winter. Now it summer and I had to adjust the timer so decided I want the flavors to really stay around 55 degrees.
Haven’t noticed any difference in flavoring keeping it cold or room temperature or in the middle.

The answer I’ve come up with to your question is just do either, no difference from my experience.

By the way I do freeze my nic separate.


Get an airtight container. As your flavor assortment grows it can get smelly. That also means even with caps screwed on tight they still have a micro air exchange happening. Your place won’t small like you just baked cookies and your flavors and juices might be better protected.

I have a large square food container with a snap tight lid. I cut some strips of thin cardboard (a silver lined cake box) for walls and the top… now you can’t see what’s in there either. Protected from the air and the curious.


If you could then absolutely especially in those conditions i keep mine in a wine fridge just because it was available i keep mine at the highest setting and its at about 45 degrees there is nosmell when i open the door like there was when i stored in a closet so im not worried about the flavors carrying back and forth and changing my vote is yes