Fried Profile/Layer

Hi all, I’m looking to create a fried… profile, for my sweets.
Don’t want to use a flavour like Zeppola or similar flavour, rather create a layer that’s got that fried donut like taste to it, U know fried bananas, apples and the like.

It probably will have AP in but I’m stuck with it… caramel and batter, or butter… but need ur help!
Thank you for ant comment or help.


I like to use Catalan Cream (FA) for burnt sugar fried fruit thing. obviously i am not explaining very well. it doesnt actually taste burnt. but I have way too much pain to day to care to much. I probobly shouldnt be doing this at all :no_mouth:


Thanks Dan, I do too, or mix AP, brown sugar or zeppola/catalan cream, but not getting quite there yet.


Perhaps a little FA Joy along with a Bavarian cream of your choice.


I second @HVPGH on the joy, I would also recommend wow (fa) it may have what you are looking for it’s doughnut, there is also funnel cake (cap) it has that fried dough grease flavor if you are looking for that.


Super interested on how this turns out. Likely no need to add additional AP as many of these flavors include AP. Don’t forget Biscuit, Pie Crust, and Joy+Meringue. Search Canoli and Beignet (French Quarter) for how they did the crustyness. If I could vape straight pie crust I might just …thx for sharing


Holy grail of friedness right there IMO. Yummo


I like @Cutlass92’s suggestion of the Funnel Cake(CAP) add that to some Biscuit(INW) or Cookie/Biscotto(FA) at like a 2:1 or 2.5:1. The Biscuit for a drier “crunch”, Cookie/Biscotto for a little more buttery note.

I’m going to be mixing this week, I might just do a little experiment with this myself! Still searching for a good clone of TBD Liquids’ Churro.


Ooops we forgo Churro …found this on that French Site [cough] Let’s just call it Voldemort the name we never speak :wink:

Golden Drops Tasty Churros

7% Cinnamon Churro ( FW )
3% Bavarian Cream ( TPA )


Ok Ok I am very interested. A friend @heatho72 sent me a bottle of joy and I have been trying to figure out what to do with it. So How should I mix it?

Be careful though, because I am VERY exited here.


WoW at 3.5% (at least to me) doesn’t have any crust/yeast/doughnut taste to it at all, tastes just like fruit stripes chewing gum or tutty-fruity. I have not tried it at lower percentages yet, but as a single flavored vape I am getting no hint of anything close to a pastry.


First of all, try this:

Or if you like fruit with your bakeries try this:

Or this:

Then for your own mixes try equal parts of FA joy and meringue for fried recipes. I like to keep cap sugar cookie with it too to sweeten it up if there’s not other sweet bakery flavors in the mix.
The meringue is the key to turning the joy into donut. I honestly didn’t like either until I tried them together. Now they’re my go-to fried flavor combo.


Thanks, even though I have no idea what French Quarter is, except in New Orleans (pronounced “Narlins”) oooohhh ya Mardis Gras , some of the most fun I ever had.

Now if this recipe tasted like the French Quarter… That scares me, scares me bad.


Great ideas everyone! I’d have to say I don’t much like zeppola or caps funnel cake! They both have too much of a distinct flavor that’s not great imho.The recipes I’ve attempted with them were mediocre! I like the joy and meringue idea! Will have to give that a go. Also tried caps glazed donut and tfa frosted donut and don’t care for those much either! Recently grabbed the new Fw glazed donut and I’m hoping it’s the donut flavor I’ve been searching for! Maybe mix this with joy and meringue and some fruit and hopefully it’ll be a winner!


I just ordered the zeppola, should be here this week. I hope I like it, I have high hopes man, HIGH hopes.

Is the whole DIY community looking for a decent doughy, cake, bakery type flavor?


You hit right on the spot! I just cloned the Churrios it’s good, but it needs more depth and I thought a more fry like taste would help.

FA joy is actually one of the options!:+1:


I think I went close with the churrios no apple in it! I’ll publish it asap.
Funnel cake, biscuits INW & FA is my usual layer (up to today…)


Yet another very helpful post in this thread! Ty!

Getting lots of great ideas here…
Thanks to everyone!!
Keep 'em coming!


Great hints! Thank you!

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