From a TFV8 prebuilt coil to an RDTA IJoy...?

I’ve got two mods both using smok tfv8 prebuilt coils and have just shelled out for an IJOY Limitless Plus RDTA.
My question is… is this rdta any good…
I was told it was good for testing batchs of e-juice,
is this the case… :question:
I do hope I’ve purchased something descent. I bought an ohm tester as well. Amazed how cheap they were. Bought from fasttech last night. Can’t wait to see if the flavor improves! :dash:
Would love some feedback as I’m about to take the plung into the world of rebuildable coils! :thinking:

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But…you already bought it. You’re gonna find out man :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I don’t know.


I dont have it but the reviews are good and I think you will be happy.

I would call it a testing atty…but who cares if it vapes good and is cheaper than buying coils. That being said you may treat it like a traditional rda and not fill the bottom tank.


So it all really depends on what kind of experience you are looking for with RTAs. Almost anything is an upgrade to the TFV8 rebuildable. The ijoy was a popular one, capable of huge clouds and easy to use. They do tend to leak a lot. For a beginner builder, can I recommend the serpent mini 25? This is the easiest thing to build on. I do a .3 fused Clapton coil, as in 1, because I love the single coil deck the most. It is top fill, and after learning a few tricks I don’t get any dry hits. Also it’s inexpensive and has unbelievable flavor. Your mod can act as your ohm reader, just pick up some ceramic tweezers to shape your coils, maybe a 2.5 or 3 jig and you are good to go.

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@Grugs83 I have one and it’s fine. Watch some videos on YouTube for wicking and coil tutorials. The urge is to put the wick all the way to the bottom of the tank, but cut them off just below the wicking channels. Alot has to do with what Mod you’re screwing that into, but how you build your coils and wick is a real learning experience.


Thanks for all the feedback. You peoples at elr are just amazing. So helpful and just all round top folks.

I’m using a 220watt Smok Alien and my other mod is a Vaporesso Tarot Pro. Not sure which to use the iJoy on.
Oh and I’m expecting to receive a Smok GPriv soon.

Any thoughts on what mod it may work best with? :thinking:

i use 2 different limitless pluses(or is it plusi) all day

mine rarely leak and i lay min eon the side alot

the leaking is caused by one of 2 things
the orings that hold the top cap on
the wicking
you will find if you use it alot like me you need to change the orings every few months. not a big deal until you run out of extras and need to find more

for wicking i like to use big coils 4.0mm id and make sure I use enough cotton that the juice channels are stuffed full\

i leave the center ring on when wicking and push the wick through it with tweezers

when i wicked it with the ring off, i got leaks from the wicks alot

flavor wise with the big coils i use
28./32 316l claptons 4mm 9 wraps
it has very very good flavor, as good as anything else i have used , but it can be quite airy, so i normally have my afc 1/2 closed all the time

as others have mentioned the deck is easy, so its a good one to learn to build and install coils on.

i have used mine on all my mods
ipv d2, ipv 3li, ipv 5, and xohm PWM Dimebox with no issues on any of them


Thanks very much for pointing me in the right direction. :+1:

Yes, they are both good. I use both religiously.

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The TFV8 is good for that draw for major CLOUDS. The Limitless is great for a multitude of options.

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Any of them will make the atty produce fog just fine. The atty may look a little strange on the Tarot being about 22mm max flush.

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It is absolutely good…I’ve been using mine atop my @Whiterose0818 mod. Has all the space I need to build coils above 0.45 ohm. Is actually my usual go to out of 7 or 8 regular tanks…Youtube is your friend on wicking…once you get it right, it ROCKS!


i have the iJoy limitless plus and tfv8 though never used the prebuild coils (still have them in the box lol) i use only the rba…

limitless delivers tonz of flavors than when using the Tfv8 rba … though the only bad part i have found on it is that the surface outside the coils after a while goes away unfortunately (it’s losing it’s color) while you will notice that it’s also a juice lover :P… in general yes, it’s great for flavor…



Do u think that i can put this serpent mini 25 on my Smok V8 kit.


I am assuming you mean the v8 stick? I mean yeah for sure you can.