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so i started out with it was lacking sweetness and was harsh. so i doubled the sweetener and thought i lessened the PG… but it is still at 70/30 VG/PG. i want to bring the PG down to 20% but when i try to do that, a red box appears and says “Something is wrong with the numbers. PG/VG ratio?”


also - i have noticed the vapour is a bit thin, on both recipes. i don’t know what the hell i’m doing but i am wondering… should i try adding some sort of cream flavouring to the recipe, to thicken the vapour?

thanks :slight_smile:

Your nic base is at 18% and flavorings total 12%. The highest VG% you’re going to be able to get that is 70%. The only way to get to 80/20 is to use a nic base with a higher VG%, lower your nic to 8mg, lower your flavings to 2%, or some combination of those.


thank you, that is very helpful

any thoughts on adding a cream flavour to the mix?