From what companies should I buy these flavors from?

I plan to buy the following flavor but not sure from who I should get them from TPA,FA,FW, CAP) Help!
Brown Sugar
Butter Cream
Butter Rum
Fresh Cream


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Have a search on the recipe side and look at notes, see what people prefer and what they say about each flavour

Brown Sugar (TPA) referred to as Brown Sugar Extra
Butter Cream (CAP)
Butter Rum (LA)
Fresh Cream (FA)


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I will thanks Grubby

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Brown sugar. I would get natures flavors or real flavors both are good at low %s
Butter cream Cap not very versatile consider getting. Cap golden butter instead and a seperate cream of your choice
Butter rum Loranns is my favorite very very strong tho
Fresh cream FA is this is intended to be blended with fruit careful tho can mute and or tame. Use .5%-.75% if the cream is for bakery or custard consider FA vienna cream


I was going to suggest… But @BoDarc already nailed what I was going to say!

About the suggestion for using RF: I’d suggest waiting a bit for more info to come in, as it seems that there’s a growing “curiosity” about certain (many?) of their raw extracts showing fading around the one month marker. It definitely has my attention at this point…

EDIT: needed to be a bit more accurate.

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@BoDarc, creepy, you read my mind.:wink: