Frosted Flakes

Frosted Flakes by Shroomy :

1% Acetyl Pyrazine 5%
2% Cake (Yellow) (FW)
1% Cream Fresh (FA)
1% Hazelnut (FW)
1% Marshmallow (FA)
2% Meringue (FA)
1% Super Sweet (CAP)

Flavor total: 9%
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My first shot at frosted flakes and I think I nailed it.

Some one try this and tell me what they think

Shake and vape


@Ken_O_Where will want to try this, I bet! :smiley:


Stick it in the new recipe showcase :wink:


I have everything but the sweet!


Sadly i am missing a few of those, i love me some Frosted Flakes!

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Pretty much any sucralose based sweetener will work, i believe that CAP has just a little higher concentration then most.

I have everything but the hazelnut. Me so sad :frowning:

But my oOo Speckled Flakes should be here tomorrow, maybe ill just go to sleep and wake up in the future.

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Ken_O_Where is correct. Sweetener (Sucralose) (TPA) is 10% sucralose, and I believe Super Sweet (Cap) is 20% - so if you want to follow the recipe exact with almost any other sucralose sweetener, you should probably double it :slightly_smiling:


That is what i thought i had read somewhere too.

Yeah tfa is something like 10% surculose. Cap is close to 20+% with a few other additives which gives it a little bit different type of sweetness

No, it’s just sucralose… From their website:

Super Sweet is a clear liquid sweetener made entirely from Sucralose.


That’s good to know. Thanks

I ordered Sucralose from ECX no idea what percent it is

I think it’s 10% - is it signature? Because that’s just TPA :slightly_smiling:

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I just put the flavors away so will look next time… It said sucralose when I ordered then Sweetener when I got it in :slight_smile:

Ok, it’s most likely 10% Sucralose - most are, except Capella’s Super Sweet which is 20%!

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It is probably just labeled ECX Sweetener. In which case it is 10% Sucralose in PG if I remember correctly. Same as TPA.

Well holy shit shroomy, me likey.

I dropped the sweetener down to 1 drop/10ml and uses OOO’s sweetener.

I just want you to know that i went into this mix thinking that there is no flippin way but shroomy wouldnt steer us wrong. With that in mind i only made 20ml but i will be making more. This is as good as using Speckled Flakes (OOO) if not better. Ill repost this on the recipe too.

Welcome to my ADV rotation and thanks!