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Frozen Hulk Tears - Mighty Vapors Clone?

Hi all

I live in Scandinavia.
I have not seen the E-Juice from
Frozen Hulk Tears - Mighty Vapors in Online Shops here.

Have someone Vape this one?
And also Thug Juice from MTB ?

Is there a big Difference in taste between these two ?

I love Thug Juice. Maybe Frozen Hulk Tears is about same in taste ? or better maybe ?

Maybe someone have almost Spot on recipe for DIY this? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
please share it to me :slight_smile:
I have never test it. Only Thug Juice

I Love DIY E-Juice :slight_smile:
Fun and alot Cheapier.

Darksides Thug Juice is very good.
This is one of my ADV.

Frozen Hulk Tears is one of the Best selling
E-Juices in USA i have read before.


Picture tells me that this must be something like THUG JUICE ?

*Info *
# Frozen Hulk Tears

Taste the classic flavor of sour watermelon apple candy with a dash of berries and menthol for that extra kick of freshness.

Device Compatibility/Recommend: Sub-Ohm Vape Devices

Ratio : 70VG / 30PG


@VikingVapeNordic Welcome to ELR.

Ok then, we (as in DIYers) don’t really vape commercial liquid and it’s more than likely nobody has vaped these liquids you are talking about. It was a good idea to put the description in your post.

I hope you get your answer but if you don’t you can still create something close or even better.

Good Luck and if you have questions we love to answer them.


Hi and thanks alot Dan_The_Man :slight_smile:

I understund that not many have Vape Commercial E-Juice here :slight_smile:
I have only try about 10 different Commercial.

i have been Vapin about 10years now. And DIY Alot :slight_smile:

If i have taste this Frozen Hulk Tears i believe i can do it almost spot on in less than 4-5 weeks :slight_smile:

Nice be here at forum.e-liquid.
Lets help and share. Give and take is the best way always i think :slight_smile:

Later i will write some Recipes i like. Maybe others will like them too :slight_smile:

I will ask some questions, and help also .
Im still learning things.
There is ton of different essences and ways to DIY.
I believe we all need ask and talk about DIY E-Juice because it is big World doing this :slight_smile:


One of my viewers was asking about a liquid called Psycho Yeti and it sounds a lot like The Thug juice your talking about. By the way, here is a recipe I found for Thug juice.

Glad to have you at ELR


Nice Dan_the_Man

I will try out that Recipe next week :slight_smile:

I did search Frozen Hulk Tears with DuckDuckGo safe search, I got no results.
When i change to Google i Found this :slight_smile:


Now i need buy one Essence
Then i can try also this :slight_smile:


all the flavors got this

AlfredPudding is one very good DIY Mixer :slight_smile:

Now i have alot new stuff to try :slight_smile:
Nice :slight_smile:


This seems to be the description of the flavor without the cooling: sour watermelon apple candy backed by fresh berries on the exhale.