Fruit based vapes make me cough

As the topic says, fruit based vapes make me cough especially for the first half dozen draws or so. I was wondering if adding cream to the mixes would help and if so, what cream?

All my vapes are 70/30 @ 3% nic

70 being PG or VG?

Cream may help. You could also try a drop or two of MTS Vape Wizard, Magic Mask, or Smooth. I use Vape wizard in citrus mixes since they tend to make me cough.

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70 being VG. I’ll definatly give vape wizard a try. I like the flavor of the fruit mixes a lot except for the coughing part

Which brands are you using? FA, cap? Do you have an example of a recipie?

As for creams sometimes 0.25%-0.75% Vienna cream FA can help with fruits. Or even marshmallow FA 0.25-0.50 can also help take an edge off but not add too much sweetness. All of which ideally shouldn’t take away from the fruit profile imo and preferances.

Im currently vaping this:
SweetCoco Melonberry :

0.5% Cantaloupe (Flavorah)
0.5% Strawberry (Flavorah)
0.2% Sweet Coconut (Flavorah)
0.7% Wild Melon (Flavorah)

I’ll add that all my fruit only vapes get me coughing

I like to add some Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (pick one) to some of my fruit mixes. The vanilla and cream really let them shine and give them a base to settle into as well as smooth them out a bit.

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@Mofogger needs to chime in here and back me up on this. Pyure (Liquid Stevia) that you get from Walmart does a wonderful job of sweetening, and smoothing out the harsh notes for me. And I know MoFogger said it does for him too. I think he even said “game changer” at one point.

I am not disagreeing with anyone here. Just offering up alternatives. Hell Brad sent me some fruity vapes and I can vape them all. So I can vouch for his comments here and tell you his stuff is smooth!

My worst one is Orange I believe. I love that flavor so much. But after vaping a retail liquid with Orange in it I am scared to mix with it. But I think with this Pyure, someday when I feel like mixing fruity I will give it a go.


Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and comments. I have plenty of options to try now

I couldn’t agree more. I fought with fruit flavorings for months and tried everything under the sun to make them vapeable (<-not sure that’s an actual word). Pyure Stevia has taken my blends to a whole new level! If DIY were a video game; Pyure would be the “God-Mode” cheat.

This stuff is pure magic for any blend!
Pyure Stevia…
…is 350x - 450x sweeter than sugar, sucralose, agave or ethyl maltol
…is easily available, dirt cheap and all natural
…smooths blends better than MTS or TFA Smooth (not even in the same ballpark)
…will NOT gunk coils or mute flavors over time
…can be very effective even as low as 0.1% (I normally use 0.25-0.5%)
…mixed with marshmallow at a 1:2 or 1:4 ratio will blow your mind in bakery blends

Try this…
0.25% Pyure Stevia
1% Marshmallow
4% Vanilla Bean Ice Cream TFA
+any fruit you have laying around
You can’t go wrong with this… I could prolly add dog shit to this combo and it’d still taste awesome… (just kidding on the dog shit thing, don’t try this at home kids)

Step 1) Find this at Wally-World or your local grocery store…

Step 2) Try the recipe mentioned or throw random shit in a bottle and add 0.25% - 1% Pyure in it :laughing:

Step 3) Enjoy your vape…

Step 4) Watch Ricky from TPB explain everything :yum:

P.S. Season 10 of Trailer Park Boys will be on Netflix March 25th!!! I can’t wait!!!


@Mofogger, I believe you also turned me on to Pyure liquid stevia and I must say this stuff is the bomb!! It truly has made a huge difference in my mixes. Thank you kind sir!

Happy to help :yum:

I’m really glad it’s helped your blends, I know it’s done wonders for me and I was getting rather discouraged in the beginning but then I found Pyure and it’s been smooth sailing ever since :+1:

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There are some nasty-ass orange flavorings out there. But there are some good ones too. Haven’t bought any outright orange. FW Blood Orange and FW Ecto Cooler are the closest I’ve done. A lot of folks who aren’t me like the Ecto, so maybe I need to try it again with a splash of Pyure. The blood orange was pretty good, but that was a premix that I’m only 99% sure was just FW Blood Orange. But I’ve had a shop juice that was more of a mandarin flavor that was super good, so I know it’s out there.

Yikes! I did my first test batch with 10% TPA Strawberry Ripe and 1% Pyure. Wanted to sort of get a baseline, ya know? Hope it wasn’t way too much!

If folks don’t have it at their local Walmarts (none in DFW that I could find) you can get it on Amazon. Just make sure you get the drops and not the powder.

Nah, you’ll be fine. My first test with pyure was 2% added to a watermelon solo tester bottle. Turned it into a watermelon jolly rancher but was still a nice vape :yum:

Pyure scales very well and never really takes over a mix or turns to wax/crayon like other additives. It’s difficult to explain but you’ll know what I’m talking about once you’ve played with it some more.

I’ll try to explain…

Lets use FA Orange as an example…
(FA is some stout stuff so lets start with 2% in a 10ml tester)

Solo tester: tastes like orange, maybe a touch floral and has one hell of a thoat hit…

Add 0.25% to solo: this should taste just like a glass of orange juice, floral tone is completely gone and it’s very smooth, like I just drank a glass of O.J.

Add 0.5% to solo: this should taste like eating a fresh peeled orange. You’ll check your chin for juice dripping down. You can’t taste the “sweetner” but it has a way of supporting the “juicy” sensation of fruits.

Add 1% to solo: Should be pretty close to Tang, the powdered orange drink. May taste like orange koolaid, depending on the person.

Add 2% to solo: Orange candy, the kind that’s shaped like an orange wedge and has sugar crystals stuck to it.

Add 3% to solo: Jolly rancher power here… Whew-Wee, that is sweet! still orange though…

Add 4% to solo: My teeth feel sticky… very, very sweet orange candy. If you can take it at this level, you’re more man than I and I tip my hat to you sir… Still orange goodness though…

I’ve done this with a few different fruits and the fruit flavor / juiciness just gets stronger and stronger without being washed out by the sweetner.


I haven’t gone that far. My first mix was at 1% if I remember correctly. It was really sweet, so I have come down from there and now hover around .25-.5%. But it played well with the recipe I used it in. I have since added it to a few of my old recipes and oh my it is most definitely a game changer. Not being a big fruity vape guy though, I really don’t have a whole lot to try it on to test the throat hit fixability, but it worked on that first recipe I used it in. Awesome stuff, and I am so glad you turned me onto this stuff.

Yea man, once ya go past 2%, it gets “INTENSE”. I don’t dare go over 4% and I only went that high for testing. I wanted to see if it would bully the original flavor. The funny thing is that the flavor you’re working with always stays on top (if that makes sense…). I usually stay between 0.25% and 1% for normal recipes.

I was just using it for fruits too in the beginning but did some experiments and discovered it works very well with bakery stuff like cakes and pies too. The sweet spot (pun intended) seems to be at 0.25% Stevia with 1% Marshmallow. Add it to applie pie, yellow cake, cupcake, icecream, custard, caramel, Bavarian cream… the list never ends.


Can only find the Pyure powder in the UK?
Can’t find the liquid drops at all!
Would the powder work?
Can anyone in the UK point me in the right direction please?

Grape flavor vapes have been eluding me for a long time, would this help a grape vape?

I’m not sure if they have international shipping though…?
I looked through their FAQ but didn’t see anything on shipping.
You could hit the “Contact Us” link and shoot them an email to ask.
I have no experience with their powdered product, sorry :pensive:

Funny you should mention “grape”, this is where I originally got the idea to research stevia in the first place…

I was having all kinds of issues with fruit flavorings, harsh, dry, floral, acidic and so on… The only fruit flavor I could vape was Capellas’ Grape w/stevia Click Me.

So, I figured…Hell, if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me! From there, the journey began…

I have to make a road trip to the states to buy this magical potion