Fruit circles with Milk (TPA)..rather bad

this is quite odd.

i made a simple “Fruit Circles with Milk (TPA)” mix and the smell is rather …not good.

anyways since in my country i only have VG i did max on that.

my recipe is rather simple. 9ml vg + 1ml of the flavouring.

whats this stuff supposed to taste/smell like? isnt it cereal?

((i was actually following this recipe here but i ommited the Ethyl and no nicotine and i dont have PG))

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At 10% holy yuck. Maybe 2-3%. It isnt very good either way.

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yup. its not good at all.

i am leaving it over night to see what happens.


Best of luck, i would immediately cut it in half with VG and see how it is from there. 10% is well over the usage that i have seen most people use.

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i’ll add another 9mil of vg so that makes me 20mil vg with 1mil of the already in there flavouring.

thats the only way i can think of cutting it in half.

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That’s exactly what you should do. :slight_smile:

If it’s still a bit much, cut it in half once more. That should give you an accurate reading of whether or not this flavor is for you!

Definitely let it sit and steep for a day or so though. #DatViscosity

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i am ready to throw this whole flavour out the window its crap. unless i can find something that will mix with it.

i am actually oversees and this is the items list i ordered.

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I have tried several different ways to make TPA Fruit Circles work for me and failed in every way. I went with FA Fruit Rings instead. Better taste in my opinion. Still trying to nail a good version of it though. Everything I seem to mix turns out harsh.

I use this and really enjoy it