Fruit flav DIY liquids

Hi all,

When ever I make a desert flav juice it comes out either as nice or could be better etc, but I never experienced a dry hit from it, yet every time I make a fruit based juice regardless of the VG/PG mix it still produces a dry hit from the coil. I have tried on both broken in coils and brand new ones.

Any suggestions to the cause of this? I normally make fruit juices between 10-15% flav.

Many thanks.

Can you provide an example of a recipe you get this with? Do you start off with a good flavor and then have dry hits or does it start out dry as soon as you start vaping these juices? Also what type atomizer, coil, and power are you running them at?

I’m wondering if you’re really getting dry hits or just something nasty tasting…not meaning to discount your words though. Some flavors, if used in too high percentages or if not steeped properly, will tend to have a rancid taste, especially true with a lot of fruit flavors that don’t have any creams to round and soften them. Likewise some flavors I find need to be vaped at a cooler temp to make them taste right.

As @SthrnMixer Please tell us the recipe including blend (60/40, 70/30, ect), and Flavor companies. Also the equipment you use. Never heard of your problem before but let’s start with all cards on the table so all can see…

Hi Both,

My blends are: 60VG/40PG at 3mg Nic using between 10-15% flavour, as an example for the flavours, last week I made a TPA Apple and TPA Sweet Strawberry mix using 8% Apple and 3% Sweet Strawberry and had the same experience from it. I used syringes to get the measurements exact and have also tried eliminating possibilities by trying plain VG then VG/PG mix then VG/PG/Nic and finally ending on the full mix.

Equipment wise, I use a KangerTech Subox (K box mini with Sub Tank mini) on a 0.5ohm verticle OCC coil between 17-25watts.

I normally get a couple of bearable drags off of the blend before it goes completely dry hit and is then non Vapable. I normally leave my DIY in a steep box for a minimum of a week before I try them and obviously leave some for a lot longer. In regards to “shake and vape”, this is something I just can not get away with.

Strangely, I only find this problem with fruit flavours. I have never experienced it from desert etc so I’m a little stumped on the cause here…

Many thanks!

How old is your VG? Try adding a little distilled water to either the mix or the VG, like 0.5% or so. VG can actually become “defective” and “dry-out”… Doesn’t completely sound like this issue, but it’s worth a shot :wink:

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This right here is your problem. Apparently there are a lot of people complaining about the new Vertical Build VOCC Coils from Kanger. The complaint is always dry hits.I sounds by the descriptions that the cotton is too tightly packed into these coils. More than likely the sugary fruit make the problem worst. You have two options, #1 turn the wattage down till the juice flow can keep up or #2 create a small tunnel through the cotton with a needle. See this thread for #2 solution…

Honestly I have never tried this myself and really would like feedback from you letting us know if this works. Hope it does work for you. Fingers Crossed…


I’ve done that with regular OCC coils - it works fine :smile: