Fruit flavors are giving me a fit

So I’ve been off the stinky sticks for about 4 months. Been mixing for about a month and a half. I’m having a problem with fruit flavors. I can’t seem to taste them which sucks because I love fruit. I do well with menthol vapes and have found some really good ones here. I used to hate menthol cigs. I did find some store bought fruit flavors back when I bought pre-made juices that were okay but even then it was hit and miss.

I’ve mixed several recipes and single flavors up and all I get is a muddled bland taste.Not bad tasting just flavorless. Here are a couple of I’ve tried:

All the creams on the ones above are fine. Fruit flavor is absent.

Tried this one and it’s just bland:

Let this one steep for a month and just tried. None of the off taste from the V2 custard and I get the custard taste but no fruit:

Can someone look at my percentages? Maybe I’ve got them wrong? I’m thinking of trying some bakery recipes to see if I can get some flavor from them. Kind of at the end of my rope on this fruit thing. Possibly reduce VG %? Was thinking about trying a 50/50. I am currently using a Fireluke Mesh tank but do have my first RDA on the way.

I’d appreciate any help. Thanks!

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I’m no expert but you may have over-flavored your mix with the 2 raspberries. Over-flavoring will sometimes have the opposite effect and flavors become muted.


first recipe try to drop the INW to .5 to 1pct

second recipe cut everything in half , you may have toi much cream the forest fruit is way high for me

third recipe never used any of those flaves

fourth recipe throw out the apple pie

use Stevia at. 25 to .5 pct if you need to make fruits pop a bit i personally use a sweetener stone which is 75oct Erythritol 25pct LS pyure

these are only my opinions and the approach i would take , not intended to dispute anyone elses approach hope it gets you somewhere

note: ive never used TPA sweet raspberry


All the ELR recipes have no ratings. It not a good idea to mix any recipe without having a positive review of the recipe when first starting out. ELR will even tell you how many folks rated it. I suggest you only mix recipes that have 5/5 stars to get a baseline on the flavors.
Starting flavor percentages for me depend on:
Blender recommended %'s (site)
Single/standalone flavor and mix vaping past %'s (general vaping community consensus)
Numerous charts for each vendor’s past %'s single (general vaping community consensus)
ELR will list general vaping community consensus for single flavor %'s.
Age of vaper and taste bud sensitivity.
Adjust up or down %'s depending on your experience with type of flavor. (personal preference)
I find tobacco flavors are more forgiving than most categories but fruit mixes are not too far behind. I would stay away from bakery for a few months unless you have a strong urge to gamble (and thick skin).


Way way too much.

3% forest fruit
2% vanilla swirl
0.75% Cream fresh fa
(Omit Vienna cream…or put in place of cream fresh but reduce vanilla swirl down to 0.75)
Steep min 4 days. Prefer 6.

As said above…the creams are destroying your mix.


That’s always good advice but there are also many users who rate their own recipes 5 stars without ever getting concensus or feedback from others.


thanks for your reply! The Raspberry Custard is a 5 star recipe and seems to be quite popular here. I adjusted it for amount and nic levels. The other two were my creations trying to get a idea of flavors based on research here.

Thanks for your input. Some good insights here!


Chrispdx- thank you very much. I am going to give this a shot today. I appreciate your response! Just to verify you are suggesting the following:

3% forest fruit
.75% Vanilla Swirl
.75% Cream Fresh Fa



If you use the fresh cream go for 2% vanilla swirl.


This is what worries me a bit… the other people gave some solid advice but if you have this problem with single flavors, something is wrong.

What single flavors did you try, how much flavor % and how long did you let it steep? Also, what was your vg/pg ratio?


I sorry, my bad re rating.
Yes, the Raspberry Custard should have worked. Out of 59 people, roughly 2 gave it less than 3 stars.
You steeped it 4 weeks, so I’m stumped.
My try remix and SnV or test after 2nd,3rd and 4th weeks.
You mention your a menthol user. I find menthol’s are extremely strong and can dull my taste buds. I would give up menthol’s for a short time and find a store/one of your non menthol mix’s to re adjust your taste pallet before sampling new mixes to see if this works.


Sorry to see you’re having this problem. After reading all of this, it may just be your tastebuds haven’t recovered from smoking yet. Your RDA should help quite a bit when you get it. If you’re not sure about rebuilding coils yet, try some pre-made simple Stainless Steel Fused Claptons from Advanced Vapor Supply. They should pack a flavor punch and tame some of the learning curve if you’re new to coils. Good luck and keep at it!


And on what hardware? (mod) :wink:

(Just saw the “Fireluke Mesh tank”, though all mods do not deliver power equally -which means flavor is directly affected)


He does say the problem is specific to fruits, no real issues with other type of flavors afaik


nods I saw…but like yourself, something seems “off” somewhere. As I’ve never seen someone who can’t sense fruits across the board, blueberry, strawberry, etc (as a SF) sure. But all fruits? o0

I’m leaning towards the opinion above that the OP’s taste buds haven’t fully recovered, or perhaps the menthol is being an issue…

But it’s interesting to see where this is going to go. :wink:

Creams and custards seem to be no problem, but they’re also dominant flavors. So that’s expected. Most fruits are ‘delicate’ and need reinforcement to boot, and balance is critical in relation to creams/custards IME.


Sorry, voopoo drag with fireluke mesh tank using the ss316l mesh coils. Hopefully my RDA The Drop will be here today. Will post my single flavors a bit later today.