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Fruit flavour


Hey guys just wondering if anybody has a good fruit recipe without things like cremes crackers ect. Just a straight fruit mix thanks


What kind ?


Anything fruity really. I have a ton of fruits but when I mix I usually use cremes and stuff but wanna see if I can actually make something without .


Just leave the creams out of it and you’ll have a straight up fruit mix :smiley:
There are a lot of possible combinations, if you just browse the forum (threads like what are you vaping/mixing) or use the calculator side and click Search by flavor stash, then select a couple fruits you think would go together.

There are tons of recipes with only fruits available.


Or even try reducing the cream. I find that adding a bit of cream helps with harshness and gives a floor for the flavor to dance on. Try 0.25-0.5 cream fresh fa. Maybe even a touch of marshmallow to adjust sweetness.


OK thank. If I do end up just leaving the creme out all together do I adjust the % or leave it as it is ?


There are so many fruits that are good with just two or three flavors, the possibilities are endless. My favorite playground.


Just a few examples to give you ideas…

A hint of cream or something else, but still good


That depends on the recipe. There’s no 1-size-fits-all answer for this question.


This is one of my all time favorites and it has just a touch of marshmallow.


Now that sounds good only problem I have is I only have tpa double kiwi . Can I sub it for that ? If so how much % would u recommend? Thanks


To me the double kiwi is sweeter than FA. Same percentage should work out pretty well. Maybe taste before adding marshmallow.


I agree with Letitia. Give it a shot with 10ml, then adjust if necessary.


Oke I’ll give it a go soon when I have time and let you know how it turns out . Thanks again guys :+1: