Fruits muted with creams

Hi friends , I found a problem in strawberry ripe in mother milk as its mutted as a flavour after more than one month steeping but its smell still present ,I face the same issue with the mango with another cream blend I but high perentege from St. Or mango but with no hope , kindly help me to know what’s happen :joy::joy:


Can you post the exact recipe you are making?

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I’ve made that version of mother’s milk before and I can’t really taste the strawberry all that much. I think it’s because it is being creamed to death. I still love the mix and it is a good shake and vape.

Can’t help with the other one.


In your second recipe the mango is quite a bit higher than it needs to be, maybe it’s muting itself out…? I’d try it around 3, maybe 4%, and if you’re having a hard time tasting the strawberry in that one too is raise it up to 5-6%.


In your mangoberry recipe I agree w/ @VapeyMama drop the mango down and increase your SB or add a sweet SB and the coconut extra is pretty high at 1% as it steeps it can get really potent that too will mute or override delicate flavor’s. Just a thought to back it down to around 0.25-0.50 that may give mango a better chance to shine through. Also the cinnamon can hide those delicates as well. You’ll want to think about using this as a splash of flavor like a few drops to help boost mango ( if that was your intentions ) I mean no disrespect tearing your work apart. The concept does sound lovely.


That particular strawberry (ripe) is a pretty volatile one (it fades fast). It is not unheard of for me to go back and give a mix a booster shot of it after it’s set for awhile. It will also vent quickly if you are opening that bottle a lot. I almost always use another strawberry to compliment that one to give a better profile for it. 1:1 with cap’s sweet strawberry works well, so instead of sb ripe at 10%, I’d do 5% ripe with 5% sweet. FA’s red touch (strawberry) is very similar to the ripe’s profile, and doesn’t fade as fast, so you can experiment with that a bit as well; you just won’t need as much (like 2-3%).


Many thanks man its seems to be a perfect solution to protect the st.ripe fading so I’ll try it and told you what’s happen to my mix :+1::+1:


i saw the recipe on Mother’s milk, though i have never made it… i would say:
SB ripe is losing it’s strength after some time steeping… the 10% you’re using is great (i usually go up to 9% max) though bavarian cream at 3% seems kinda muting SBripe for me but going lower (like 2%) wouldn’t fix the problem for real … i would try using in addition some SB sweet (CAP) like 3-4% and like 2% of Strawberry to make strawberry more solid and rounded,

for the second recipe you posted i have no clue since i haven;t ever used coconut extra and mango so i don’t have any notes about them…