Fruity cream e juice recipe

Hey there,

I am looking for a recipe that really kicks booty! I have bought some additional cream, desert type flavorings and need a recipe for a nice all day vape. My available flavorings as far as creams/deserts are :
cheesecake DIY FS
Yellow cake E-Flavors
Sweet cream DIY FS
Vanilla Custard DIY
Bavarian cream DIY FS
Graham cracker DIY FS

I have most berries, ripe strawberry, strawberry, raspberry, dark raz,blue raz,peach, etc.

Hi, if you use the “WHAT CAN I MAKE” button on the recipe side, you can search by specific flavors you have in your stash.


I did. You’d think we so many different flavorings, something is going to pop up. But nothing really good did.

Are your flavors entered in the correct format in your stash?


Yes. Correct brands,names etc.

I just checked your flavor stash. You have a lot that have the incorrect format. This will cause you to not see everything available with those flavors. Flavors should be inputted/searched as: for ex. Bubblegum (CAP). You have many missing brand names etc.


For ex. you have Orange Banana in your stash as Orange Banana Liquid Barn

Always select the one with the most recipes and in the correct format when you are putting in your stash.