Fruity & Icy - A thread for the discussion of these types of flavours

Hello ELR,

My name is Sam and I’m a HUGE fan of this forum and the potential it enables for DIY e-juice. I myself like a huge variety of flavours, from sweet, desserts, custards, bakeries and exotic RY4 blends (my current favourite RY4 blend being Hazlenut & Chocolate RY4), to the juicy and fruity fresh flavours we all know and love. I also have a soft spot for candies though I struggle to use both Candies and the Cream/Custard/Bakeries as ADV’s for whatever reason, I enjoy them but cant have them all day every day. For this reason a huge part of my focus for my own DIY work is cold, juicy, fruit and ice combinations. I’m still pretty noob to DIY so I thought a thread would be both a good way for me to learn others thoughts on these types of flavours and a place for all of us who enjoy them to discuss and innovate new flavours, as well as dialing in already popular variants of these flavours. I have a group of acquaintances who buy juice from me to fund my DIY lately but what I can offer them is limited until I learn more, so I mostly stick to respected clones and the likes until I have the ability to create my own that are up to standard. I’ve made quite a few of my own that I am happy with but still want to improve before I’d offer them to others. Also want to note I exclusively use WS-23 for my Ice but would potentially add some Menthol to some mixes as well.

Flavours I’m currently working on that fall into the Fruit Ice categories:

  • Mango & Strawberry Ice (nearly what I’d expect from commercial)
  • Grape Ice (getting there)
  • Dragon Berry Ice (getting there)
  • Orange Ice (complete flop so far)

Upcoming projects:

  • Lemonade Ice (probably with Berry notes but we’ll see how it handles with the Ice)
  • Watermelon Ice (need to get the right WM flavours to make)
  • A cocktail line, Mojitos and the likes.

Also want to look at things like Passionfruit and Cranberry but am looking to create well known flavours first as there is a lot more to compare them to. Also thinking that maybe the best approach to go on the Orange Ice may be with a Lemonade, I recently tried it with a Mad Fruit expecting better results like a Fantasi Orange but it didn’t turn out anything like. Also currently vaping Blackcurrant Ice developed by a friend of mine that develops flavours for a commercial line so I get help from him but have no idea what’s in his Blackcurrant Ice, just that I cant get enough of it lol. Anyway I look forward to seeing what discussion and recipes will come out of this thread, together we can create more!

Will update with my recipes so far when I get a chance!

Mango & Strawberry Ice for Nic Salts:

  • Cap Sweet Mango 20%
  • TPA Strawberry Ripe 8%
  • Cap Super Sweet 0.5%
  • WS-23 0.5%

The Cap Sweet Mango in addition to the TPA Strawberry Ripe makes for a very ripe Mango taste with some juiciness from the Strawberry, but not much Strawberry taste itself. Potentially changing the numbers of the Strawberry or adding multiple Strawberries will change this. Will be trying this out with some Peach both with and without Strawberry, I have INW Peach and FA White Peach but am inexperienced with both flavours. I think it will help both round out the Mango and plump up the Strawberry a bit. Have also considered a touch of Dragonfruit to help blend the flavours and a touch of Cactus to make it juicier if desired.

Grape Burzt for Nic Salts:

  • FW Grape Soda 12% (go lower for Sub-Ohm)
  • INW Grape 6%
  • WS-23 0.5%

I really enjoy a good Grape vape which is actually quite hard to get on the money. I think I need to get some more flavours like Blackcurrant or something to help round out the Grape flavours without overpowering it, without the WS-23 it was a very Grapey experience but still felt incomplete. The WS-23 cooling sensation is obviously nice as it makes you forget about the nuances of perfecting a flavour profile, but I still feel like the Grape can be improved even more to so the WS-23 is complementing it rather than getting it across the line.

Most of my flavours at this stage are adapted from other recipes found online at one stage or another. If you are the original creator and want credit just comment or message me, I’m not so good at keeping track of what comes from.where unless it turns out amazing.


I’m fairly certain you will be asked if you single flavor test your flavors. If you haven’t you could try using the percentages recommended by the ELR calculator.

The reason I asked is your percentage are on the high side. No problem if you enjoy yours mixed that way, but I would suggest to try reducing your percentages and try them again.


In response to your original comment, I do single flavour test but also work off the original recipes of others, which is where the higher numbers come in. Both recipes posted above are modified from recipes I’ve found, in the Grape one the percentages on one of the Grapes are actually reduced from the original dye to it being a stronger Grape concerntrate than what the OP used. I’m working on reducing them from there to see where the flavours truly shine through without being overpowering, all the while maintaining that I’d rather have a commercial flavour strength liquid than a liquid suited to people with complex flavour palettes who can determine each flavour from lower percentages. I myself do enjoy high flavour strength but also dont want things to be too strong or overpowering so am willing to work through whatever processes to increase my personal knowledge of each flavour.

But I do agree single flavour testing really helps in determining where the flavours need to be. I definitely need to work on the Strawberry and dialing that in as well as working with multiple different Strawberries and come up with a bit of a Strawberry one shot I can use to give the Strawberry aspect to my flavours. I am currently looking for a good RDA I can get amidst the COVID-19 craze so I can do a proper SFT starting with 2 drops of flavour and working my way up. They dont have ones with Lollipop coils locally here so I’m on the hunt for the next best thing. Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

Also, just gotta add, both the Grape and the Mango are geared towards Pod type devices for Nic Salts so they naturally need more flavour imo, I have yet to try a lower flavour percentage pod that hits the spot. Btw @Pro_Vapes had a quick peek at your recipes and your “Every Strawberry” looks crazy. Definitely gotta give that a go sometime.


All of this right here… goes depending on flavor house. There are 2 that you really do not want to “bump up” or go higher with… MF and FLV…

I have a strawberry and cream at a total flavor amount of 1% I enjoy in a pod… :slight_smile:

Good luck in your quest… :beers: :v:


Thanks @anon84779643, I will definitely have to get the flavours for the Strawberry Cream and try that sometime so I can see how potent these flavours really are :slight_smile: I would make a Strawberry & Cream with my own flavours then try yours and compare, I guess if the flavours on one are super/ultra concentrates they should have a similar amount of flavour?


I agree. The recipes look like 2015 percentages. No disrespect OP. I love you fruit and ice idea. I might try some out to see how I like them.


I think maybe once I get my hands on an RDA of higher quality than the tank I have now my flavour use may go down. The one for the pods on the other hand I think will just be continuous trial and error till I find something with low enough percentages but good flavour, all part of the journey :slight_smile: glad you’re into the Fruit and Ice as well, let me know if you come up with anything delicious :smiley:

I will also have to remix my Pod flavours for tanks and RDAs as the flavour percentages will be way lower, but need to get a new RDA first imo as I already have a back log of flavours to try that have been steeping.


So to help out with the Watermelon, I have noticed that TFA Watermelon, FW Watermelon, and INW Watermelon combined into a stone, make for a pretty juicy watermelon. For Mango look up, “Stones and my usage,” post. Might help with a juicy mango. As for Menthol used, try the NR Citrus Menthol. This makes most all fruits pop in the Ice category. I love it and am using the Watermelon and Citrus combo today as we speak.


Thanks @Skullblade789, awesome info! Will check out that post re the Mango and look into getting all those flavours to play around with. With that Citrus Menthol you still use some Coolant on top of that? I love the feeling of the Coolant but the addition of the menthol sounds super tasty especially a citrus menthol.


Nope just as is, but know I know nothing about salts.