Fruity mixes


I prefer mixes with fruits, I’m no fan of any custards or similar. But I find it hard to find recipes here that doesn’t involved a lot of ingredients. My current collection is mostly inawera with a few tpa/tfa, any tips for relatively simple fruit mixes? My favourite is, the premixed vamp toes from vampire vapes, but I have yet to create a decent clone. I don’t have the opportunity to order tons of different flavors from all the different suppliers, so I’m hoping for some tips here :slight_smile:


Do you have your flavor stash filled out and made public? If so, share a link to that and it will be easier to give you suggestions. :slight_smile:

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Do you have all of your flavors added to your flavor stash, and if so have you made it public? Or can you at least list the flavors you have by brand?


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This is a nice fruity mix from @Darth_Vaper1

Peachy Green Apple 3

Ingredient %
Green Apple (TPA) 8
Peach (Juicy) (TPA) 5

Flavor total: 13%

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That’s not mine, sorry. I don’t use either of those flavors either :wink:

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I believe in keeping it simple sometimes.

Fruit+fruit+cream+marshmallow=done…nice and clean.
Kiwi FA 1.5%
Kiwi double tpa 2%
Fresh cream FA 1% to 1.5%
Marshmallow FA 0.5% to 2%

I do like using two fruits from two different brands to round out the fruity flavor. Cream gives a floor for the fruits to dance on…and to reduce the harshness found sometimes in a fruit vape when chain vaping. Marshmallow to add sweetness.

Other fan favorites strawberry & banana, kiwi & strawberry, and so one.

@ruberhekk, here’s some fruit mixes that i like or currently mixing - the only cream i use with them is Vanilla Ice Cream if i need the mix to be less fruity and add a sweet dimension - may add cooling sometime at 1%. - i recently noticed i enjoy vaping a simple DIY mix of Orange + Vanilla Ice cream mush more than a bottle of premium brand eliquid that i used to be happy with in the past :slight_smile:

i didn’t include ratios as this will basically be a personal preference and may even vary from one mode to another. i can use the same recipe equal ratios or make 1 flavor more primary and the other support.
i’m not an expert and just started few months ago, but just sharing some ideas - i still have so many fruit flavors to buy & test, so these are some of what i have.

Lemon + Kiwi
Strawberry + Banana (nicer for me with VBIC, sometime use some variation of berries)
Peach + Grape (may add a touch of mango or orange)
Strawberry + Pineapple (or Honeydew, both are favorites)
Cantaloupe + Mango + Papaya (the famous Mega Melon recipe)
Sweet mango (if i have it) blends great with other fruits (Kiwi, pineapple…etc)

there’s so many of these simple combos - i get ideas from juices i see in the store, or imagining myself eating a fruit mix like when we were kids, what would i like to see in that yummy mix. hope this gives ideas…

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Thanks for all the replies! My stash is now public, but might lack a few as I haven’t been home to check. I lack all types of cream and such, primarily fruits in my stash. :slight_smile: edit: forgot link!

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Any suggestions based on my stash? All suggestions are welcome :slight_smile: Feel free to let me know if a few ingredients extra could improve my current collection. My favourite at the moment is vamp toes from vampire vapes, but I’ve not been able to clone it, like not even close. Thank you all for the feedback already given! I’m not too sure about the kiwi, does food allergies play a part in flavours? Thanks in advance!