Fry's Turkish Delight


I’m trying to recreate Fry’s Turkish Delight confectionary which is one of my all time favourites :yum: My first try (see below) turned out to taste only like chocolate. The reason I’d appreciate any tips or experiences from you, is that I can’t buy FA flavours here but brought a bottle of FA Rose with me from Germany - so extensive testing might leave me with not much flavouring left to do the actual vaping…

So here’s my first try:
Chocolate (FA) 1.46%
Cocoa (FA) 0.73%
Marshmallow (TPA) 2%
Rose (FA) 2.5%
(PG/VG/Dest. Water: 28/70/2)

Tested it on the 10th day of steeping in a Fodi F2 at 15-20W. Tasted only like chocolate, I couldn’t pick up any rose whatsoever. What’s weird is that it smelled like - nothing. Pinching the bottle I couldn’t smell much, maybe some chocolate notes.

Could be the Marshmallow muting stuff out? What would you recommend to try next? Less chocolate? A single Rose mix to tune in on its flavour notes?



I thought the same as you about 4 weeks ago and made an initial test sample to get me started, along similar lines as yourself

Milk Chocolate (INA) 1.25%
Lychee (TPA) 2%
Rose (Myvapery) 4.5%
Marshmallow (TPA) 3%

Sampled it after a fortnight found the rose ok, the milk chocolate needs to be more milky and needs more of a sickly sweetness you get with the chocolate bar

Decided to work on just the jelly part of the sweet next so have mixed up the following but still steeping

White Grape (DV) a few different samples between 2-6% hoping this will give me the slightly sickly, sweet jelly like taste to the vape. Some with lychee some without and the marshmallow between 2-3% and the rose between 3-5%

If the grape helps but the Decadents Flavour isn’t the right one, I will try with FA Concord Grape or Inawera Grapes, but I do like DV White Grape so have hopes for it.

Will move back to the chocolate if I ever get the filling right, but love Inawera Milk Chocolate, closest chocolate to milky UK chocolate I have found although this is still a little strong in the finished cocoa taste, So I will trying adding a very small percentage <1% of TPA Dairy Milk, if I get to that stage, to see if that helps.

If you have any success please update this thread, as I think it would be a superb vape, if anybody ever cracked this as a finished flavour.

Ah, that sounds delicious already! Wish you luck, mate!

I myself will have to keep it simple - close enough will have to do. Can’t get many flavours over here. In v2 I upped the Rose a bit and added a bit more sweetness, we’ll see how it turns out. Taking the milkyness in the chocolate into account is a great idea! I’ll have to think about that (still a big ol noob at making my own recipes, been copying only so far).

Any luck on the Turkish Delight, mate? I just read about CAP Jelly Candy, might be a good addition for the jelly part, what do you think?