FS 300ml Premium Flavors

I have a deal for someone looking to build their flavor stash. I just recently (last month) got into DIY and now have about 75 flavors. I bought 10 in 60ml bulk from nicotineriver.com, and will NEVER use all of it! I am willing to divide into new 30ml bottles for a great price…you get 10 different 30ml bottles of flavor, and must take all 10. I will transfer using a new pipette for each flavor. Price includes USPS shipping with tracking#, secure payment via Paypal. Flavors are as follows:

Banana (FA)
Butter Cream (CAP)
Butterscotch (FA)
Fresh Fig (FA)
Jamaican Rum (TFA)
Oatmeal Cookie (TFA)
Orange Cream (TFA)
Strawberry (TFA)
Sweet Cream (TFA)
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TFA)

$40.00 for the deal. I did a lot of great deals in the past at http://vapingunderground.com/members/poolprousa.7017/

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Banana, Orange Cream, Fresh Fig, and Oatmeal cookie, I would want, but the rest I have already.

Your in the us? I’m in the uk, not really viable for myself or would of taken them. :yum:

i really want to sell all 10 as 1 lot, but lets give it a few days and see…might work something out if another member wants the other 6

$35 plus actual shipping to uk, if you want me to check rates

I’ll pass on the offer as i can get most over here for that price and i have 5 out of the 10 anyway already in my stash. But thank you for your time.
I’m sure someone slse will take up the offer. :+1: