Fuhattan I just can't help myself

I just can’t help myself on fasttech.

So I’ve been thinking about a mech.

So I’ve just purchased a Fuhattan with black plume veil RDA

One question I do have though is does the Fuhattan require a button top or flat top 18650.

I’ve been looking at the efest IMR 18650 but they offer a button or flat top version so I could use a little help as the fasttech description doesn’t say any more than an 18650.


So I just thought I would update this a little.

In the Fuhattan it doesn’t matter one way or the other if you use Flat top or Button Top.

Possibly the best batteries to use are Samsung 25r 18650’s with 2500mah 20A/35A unprotected.

Nitecore charger (Intelicharge i2 in my case)

Use Steam engine to fine tune your coil build and keep your total amps drawn below the amps of your 18650’s to stay safe.

Steam engine will also allow you to get an estimated run time from your batteries with your build on it.

Not trying to teach grandma to suck eggs here, just creating a follow up resource for others to see.


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Cool :slight_smile: Yes, today most mods are just fine with flat top batteries - shouldn’t be necessary to use button tops - if needed you can buy tiny magnets that you can put on your flat tops, if they’re needed.

Samsung 25Rs are great!


Just thought I would update this again.

So I’ve been using steam-engine.org
To calculate coils for my FuHattan before I’ve even received it lol.

So this will be my plan.
28 AWG Kanthal
2.5mm coil master adaptor to wind around.
6 wraps.
Quad coil.

This will give me a resistance of 0.3ohms.

My heat flux at 45.63w will be 169mW/mm2.

Each of the 4 coils will be a 1.2ohm run in parallel on the Plume Veil 1.5.

Steam engine is great folks.

It should look similar to this.

Just a little update.

Vape Mail today at my house.

I’ve actually placed 4 orders with FT but only 2 using epacket.

First 2 were shipped on the 24th March and still awaiting delivery.

3rd order was shipped on the 31st March and it arrived today.

And here it is.

Further little update.

Plume veil 1.5 setup (without coils or wick at the min)

My nautilus sitting on top.


Now I’m waiting on my charger for my 18650’s and my coil master and ohm reader and some Muji.

I ordered a little more Muji from Amazon so I could get this thing ripping before the end of the week.



The one thing i dont like about my FU is the battery rattle from side to side. Mine is no where near as nice looking as yours as i got the plain copper. That thing is purrrrrty!

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Cheers Ken.

To be honest I haven’t even fired it up yet.

I don’t have my KURO or ohm reader yet and I haven’t got my Nitecore i2 charger yet either.

So it’s just collecting dust until my other orders arrive. Lol.

But yeah the copper/carbon fibre does look lovely!


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Here’s a couple of pics of a build on the plume veil.

Unfired and unfinished.

Initially the single coil alone on my MVP registered 0.4ohms.

Once I added the second it just read 0.0ohms.

I must admit I’m not entirely happy about the gold plating coming off already on the PV.

But I do have an SS deck coming on my other PV. Hopefully PV and PV1.5 aren’t too different on the decks.

My first ever coil threading as these were prebuilt with the PV1.5.

I just wanted to see how building a deck felt.

And it felt pretty natural.

I used a small screw driver to thread my coil onto. Cut one leg shorter than the other and had the deck built in about 5 mins.


Little Vape Mail update.

My KURO coil master tool and my ohm reader.

I may have a go at building a quad coil 0.4-0.6ohm build tonight (once I’ve checked it on steam engine) and once the wife has gone to bed and stopped asking me about how much my new gear has cost. Lol.

I swear she thinks I’m lying when I tell her it’s dirt cheap from FT.

The dual coil I put together last night is reading 0.24ohms which is a bit too close to the amp limit for my liking on steam engine with my 25r’s especially with a slight possible ohm discrepancy with ohm readers.

Here’s hoping that my Muji and i2 charger get here tomorrow.

The i2 landed in the UK yesterday from Singapore. So if postman pat does his job right it should land at my doorstep tomorrow.


Just checked on steam engine and Heat Flux is far far far too cold to warrant a 0.6ohm quad build so I think I’ll do a 0.6 dual build tonight ready in anticipation of my cotton and charger arriving.

Keep you all posted!

Guess what I’m doing? Lol.


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Here’s my first attempt and building and firing some coils.

I was aiming for a 0.6ohm dual coil build.

Here’s some pics.

I don’t think that’s too bad for a first attempt.



That coil tool is awesome rt!!!?

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It’s a little tricky to work with for a beginner.

What the pics don’t show are the other 2 coils I fucked up and the one I over tightened and snapped on the deck lol.



I also think I know why I ended up with a 0.49 dual coil build.

I counted 6 wraps.

Where I think it was actually only a 5 wrap coil.

Do you count the first turn over and under of the coil which would include the leg and first loop??

I’m thinking not. As steam engine said my wrap count should make a .6ohm build with 2 coils.

I’ve got a fair bit of kanthal so I may try again tonight at wrapping some more.


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So my charger shows up today.


No freaking MUJI though lol.

So I’m virtually there, I might take my Fuhattan out tonight with my Nautilus on top.


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You can use sterile cotton from any pharmacy the pads u ordered is just better

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It’s fine don’t worry. It’ll probably be here tomorrow.

Besides knowing me I’ll choose something with antiseptic contained in it lol.


I used CVS Organic Cotton Balls for quite awhile, they work great and are bleached with hydrogen peroxide which breaks down to water and oxygen so no harmful chemicals. I still have 4 bags of them, hehe. Once i found Shiseido pads i never used the cotton balls again.

It all looks good and appears you are having a great time which is what matters!

Edit to add: To center the coils better jump over to the next hole on the pos block. Makes wicking more even.