Fuji Apple Shake & Vape?

Anyone have a good Fuji Apple “Shake & Vape”?with multiple flavors
(not stand alone)

Rhodonite to me is a good shake and vape or good the next day. People say it gets better with some steep time. I wouldn’t know, it’s so good it doesn’t get much steep time when I mix it.

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Jolly Roger is a nice SnV with apple and strawberries. :slight_smile:

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I like this as a snv. It gets sweeter and mellows out a little with time. Good either way, steeped or fresh.


That looks good. I would give your post a like but I’m all outta love today. At least that’s what the pop up keeps telling me.


Apple Sourz

Ingredient %
Fuji Apple (FA) 3
Pear (Stevia) (CAP) 1.5
Sour (TPA) 3
Super Sweet (CAP) 0.25

Flavor total: 7.75%

Remember to rate it at e-liquid-recipes.com!

One of my favs (i dont add the super sweet)

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Grape Them Apples

Ingredient %
Fuji Apple (FA) 2
Grape Candy (TPA) 3
Grape Juice (TPA) 4

Flavor total: 9%

Let some steep for a few weeks, the apple comes out and everything is beautifully balanced

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I’m with @Grubby on this, if you shake and vape Fuji, it WILL taste very sharp and almost like nail polish. Yes, it will work in a bind, but if you have the time, do it right.

Even after doing this for a year, I am still learning everyday how important steep time is.

If you are interested in a shake and vape apple, Green Apple TPA is very good although it is a jolly rancher as opposed to a real apple. Double Apple FW is a more realistic apple, but not as much as Fuji.

Putting something bready/ grainy or even something thick/ sweet will make the Fuji easier to shake and vape.


I’m trying, but that stuff is like crack.

I made up enough last time that I think I will have some actually make the 2 week mark.

I make an Apple Butter recipe that isn’t a shake and vape. If you don’t let the Apple mellow out for at least a week then you miss out everything that goes into the mix because of the Fuji.


Fuji apple is wonderful if it steeps and used at small quantities, it’s just not nice too soon.


I’m resurrecting this post lol @TheTinMan1 whats your Fuji apple recipe you are speaking on in this post?? if you don’t mind sharing that is…

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I have not single flavor tested all of these flavors yet but this looks yum and I trust your judgment so I’m gonna mix up a batch of this right now :smile:

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darn. That looks so good. But I do t have grape soda fw

I ran across the recipe on Le DIY but can’t really tell you the origin. It may originally came from here.

It is absolutely delicious with at least a 3 week steep time.


Damn! I don’t have cinamon Danish swirl or sour… Crap…

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As long as you have Fuji Apple life is good.

What about Bavarian cream and caramel?

This is a tasty one that I’ve been vaping for about 2 weeks after a month steep



Cool, let me know what you think! I like it best between one week and two months. :slight_smile:

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