Funfetti question

So i made funfetti loved it straight away couldnt resist some more 2 days later tastes even better. Left it alone its now day 5 (recommended steep time 4 day min) but now its gone all funny tasting. Defo not coil i built another to check.

Any ideas


i get the same thing AWESOME smell but not much taste , some people say they taste it for what it is supposed to be , im finding that sugar cookie doesnt do much for me AT ALL


I knew youd be here bro i read all the recipe comments and see you there :slight_smile: yeah its strange for me because it tasted fantastic! Now doesn’t proper strange all my other recipes are on point


I mixed this in June of last year…60ml. At first it was really good. Then I thought I just got tired of it so I put it away. Still have 30ml left and just tried it. Now I know it’s been several months which could account for some flavor loss. Personally I feel most mixes should be used in 3-4 months, but hey, that’s me. But my sampling of it today is much like it was before…taste is so so, but considerably weaker.

I don’t know if it’s the percentages of flavors used so much as perhaps the flavors themselves - namely, the FA Joy. I’ve not used it in enough mixes to get a good feel for what happens with it over time. But I know the other flavors pretty good and Joy is the only one in this recipe that seems it could be the culprit. That and perhaps a little too heavy use of Sugar Cookie. Personally I think this is a mix that should be vaped up within 3-4 weeks tops.


Funfetti is a weird one, one minute it tastes amazing the next its lack lustre… not sure why :confused:

Ive gone through about 400ml of the stuff, it loves high power, tastes completely different on my lipo PWM (lovely) and i find at 3 weeks its perfect…havent had any long enough to notice a drop in flavour.

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Good feedback guys rekon i should blast up my 110watt coil then? Im guna leave it alone for a bit just found it odd i hit it at the required steep and tasted worse lol. Might whip up 10ml with no joy see what thats like. Seems joy is hit and miss with a few people!


Who on here actually has the best recipes. I personally really like all of waynes juices but i have seen comments saying theres better stuff around? I was searching like mad last night looking for a recipe to use sweet strawberry in and Fuji apple you know so its like strawberry and apple cordial yumm ayy


Head in Clouds = HIC


‘One mans meat is another mans poison’ dude, taste is purely subjective, ive had some people go mental over liquids i would of otherwise dumped, generally speaking Waynes recipes are relatively safe, he loves his cakey creamy sweet recipes which tend to be popular. You cant go much wrong with the top 20 ELR recipes though 🖒
And like a wise man once said to me …“you do know the best recipes arent posted”…too true.
Its not what you know…:wink:


There is no one person with the best recipes. Everyone has good and bad. Some people end up with almost a cult following and all too often their recipes don’t support the hype. Best to find what you like and see what other are mixing and how folks like them.


your not lying there my friend


I mixed this up without the joy (as i havent got this conc), and it tasted like a nice (albeit subtle) thick cream. Like others have said though after a week or so the flavour vanished.

May mix this up again with Cap Yellow cake in place of the joy

Hi everyone

Yeah made this without the joy other day ill see what happens!

Will uodate soon. Really wanr this one to work it wad amazing

I’ve made the Funfetti a couple of times & find it definitely needs 2-3 weeks & then it’s very good.
Keep in mind I mix at max VG & vape it at 70 watts or so on a .25 coil in a Crown tank. YMMV.

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Hi all i know long reply but i think j potentially found the culprit in my situation.

I had the ingredients to make the unicorn milk on here the one everyone raves about.

And it tasted like a×××hole lol the only ingredient both share are tfa cheesecake graham crust!

I have smelt the bottle and tastes ok guna solo vape it in a sec

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