Funky Ho Madina

For some reason this cracks me up. I was going through my steep box and I ran across a flavor I call funky ho madina. I opened it and just started laughing my ass off. I honestly can not believe I still have it. It is a quart bottle that I dump unused, hated, and commercial juice that I just could not bring myself to throw away. It actually smells decent but the vape is… Funky! ( i don’t actuallly vape it). I just can’t believe I still dump juice into it. It is quite full now so I may have to start a new bottle. I can’t explain why I don’t through it away except to liken it to a baseball player that doesn’t wash his socks or a football player that touches the doorjamb to the locker room on all three sides like a Catholic Priest giving a benediction. I believe the word is “Superstition”. Oh well, what can I say, except that I guess I will start another bottle. LOL


Have you dripped it yet?

Did you take notes on everything you dumped in there you could have a million dollar recipe.


Actually i have dripped it… it was like mango chutny and burnt hair. The funny thing is, I have a friend that likes it, though I think he is faking it.