Fused Claptons pre-made on spools recommendation?

I’m looking for a source for good quality pre-made fused claptons; specifically preferable in Kanthal (cores 26) wrap 38 or there abouts). I like them to ohm out in the .4ish neighborhood so I can use dual coils and have them stay around or above .2… I generally build 2.5mm coils and it seems Kanthal is the best bet to obtain the resistance I’m looking for (although not opposed to N80 or SS as long as they don’t require a zillion wraps to achieve my specs. I really should get into building but my eyes aren’t as good as they used to be and neither is my patience. Any leads or recommendations appreciated (I have looked at the usual places Kidney Puncher, Lightning Vapes, China (if anyone can recommend a certain Chinese coil supplier, I am not opposed to utilizing foreign sources).

These guys got good clean wire.
For SS wire i would recommend

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Thanks, looks like they only have spooled vertabraid SS, I really want Kanthal. I use SS a lot and don’t object to it; the resistance of exotics is a little too hot for my taste.



You may wish to look at:

I haven’t tried them but have read others use them often.

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BINGO! Got your answer…KBEE vapes, I order from them…they have premade all-kanthal fused clapton wire on spools, and here is a link to that page: http://www.kbeevapes.com/category-s/1946.htm

I find I’ve been going back to Kanthal more lately, just seem to prefer it over SS, but thats just me. These guys are great and the shipping is fast.


That’s exactly what I was looking for, thanks! In the UK CrazyWire has what I was looking for too but the dollar is kinda week compared to the pound and shipping is too much. I will def keep these folks in mind for future ordering!

Sorry my friend, I didn’t realize you were in the UK. No prob.

I’m stateside, just didn’t explain myself very well…I will keep these folks in mind for my next wire order. Thanks again!