Fusion Flavours - Barrie Ontario Canada

Ok, mornin’ friends. Tis a beautiful morning to bitch about Fusion flavours. So far I have made 2 orders with them. Some fruits and shi# on the first, creams n stuff on the second. When the second order came, my 250ml of Strawberry (Ripe) came and a second 120ml Ripe came also.

Then I noticed my 120ml of Sucralose (TFA) was not there. They sent me another bottle of Ripe accidentally. Whatever, no biggy.

I called them and said shi$ happens and ill most likely use the other 120 eventually anyway. I would pay for it on my next order. (Berries and stuff) but to please send out the sucalose to complete my order as I needed the sucalose to complete a recipe for a friend whom loves sugar lips. lol

They agreed. But then last night I got an email from Pay pal. They invoiced me the 20 bucks for the strawberry ripe. I still have no sucralose or even an email saying they sent it out.

Now they are not answering the phones. ugh

I have to hold my gunz. I want my sucralose before I pay for the ripe Am i in the wrong?? WHat would you do?

Kirk out

I would give them until Monday. I would also recommend that you document in email if at all possible. I would also require free shipping on the bottle of surclose that they are shipping you.

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If it doesn’t come through you can do a PayPal dispute. The process is rather simple and is good security when purchasing online.

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I think that’s a horrible way to conduct business. A good business likely would have just comped you the Strawberry Ripe and sent you the sucralose, too. Next time try http://www.diy-ejuice.com/ . They are a $1 cheaper on their 120 for strawberry ripe. I’m working on trying to get us a discount code there. :wink:

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You’re definitely not in the wrong. They should send you the sucralose. It was their mistake, not yours so they should fix it before they expect anything from you.

That said, it’s Saturday, so perhaps they are out of the office for the weekend. I’d try again on Monday or send them an email so you at least have it documented. If Tuesday rolls around and you still can’t get in touch with them, then dispute that part of the charge with however you paid, PayPal or your CC.

Also, is $20 CAD (~$15 USD) normal price for 120ml of TFA concentrates in Canada? If that’s the normal price, then that’s the normal price. I’m just curious, because that’s double what we pay over here.

I 100% agree with this. I wouldn’t have even offered to pay for the Strawberry Ripe tbh. It’s their mistake, they should be the ones to correct it. I would have seen what they suggested. If they would have told you to send it back, then whatever. But it is their error for the missing sucralose, so they should take care of it whether they let you keep the Strawberry Ripe or have you send it back and they pay for return shipping. IMO you shouldn’t have to pay a dime extra and you should be getting your sucralose that you paid for either way.

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Man, a shitty day with no reply from fusion flavours yet. Whatever I was hoping for a good relationship. Free shipping for orders over 150 bucks. Free shipping gets me every time i guess. It seems the business appears larger than it actually is. The guys doesn’t even answer the phone “Fusion Flavors” Just “Hello?” lmao what a train wreck. I am not paying the invoice for the ripe UNTIL i have the sucrolose. I thought i was nice offering to pay for the ripe.

C’est la vie. (Thats life)

I agree Jojo. Bad business. I guess he has so much of it, that 1 customer loss now an then is affordable. Production. Sales. ugh, reminds me of big tobacco.

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A little update on this. Fusion Flavours finally text me. They told be they were NOT sending out the sucralose. Not until I pay for the ripe.

Im so damb mad I wanna go visit this prick in person.

You live and learn, definitely don’t use them in the future and make sure to tell anyone else who DIY’s not to use them. I’d definitely be disputing the charge with the processor (PayPal or your CC) for not fulfilling your order.

Also, I finally took a look at their website. Even if you agreed to pay for them to fulfill your order by sending you the sucralose, it’s extremely shady that they charge you $20. Their prices for 120ml TFA concentrates are $14 CAD. So they’re obviously charging the extra $6 for shipping on THEIR screwup. At the very most, they should charge you the $14 for the bottle and that’s it. This company is super shady.

Check out The Broke Vaper…excellent service but not too many flavours … I use mainly Nic River for flavours but for my Nicotine I use Broke Vaper . Its out of Vauhan North of Toronto.

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RIGHT ON brother. Thank you. Seriously.

Very shady, I almost drove to this place last night. I’d have loved to see the guy as he got out of his car. Toss him his ripe. But its 3 hours from me. You are correct SIr, live and learn

In closing, I would suggest anyone in our area BOYCOTT Fusion Flavours. The guy literally told me to GFYS in a text message. But I had nothing nice to say either this Am.

He also said " Next time check out terms an conditions" I guess that means that somewhere in that document it says that if they send the wrong stuff, ur fuct.

The guy seriously doesn’t give a shit. I blew over 600 bucks there, and actually they messed up all the orders to some degree. But to my advantage - so I didn’t whine.

Whatever. Its done. Thanks to @DiezelDawg69 I now have a new shop. MUCH CHEAPER!!!

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@Kirk_46 I usually buy nic, pg, vg and the odd flavour from The Broke Vaper. Nicotine River is way cheaper for flavours. Almost half the price. Make sure you keep your order under 100 bucks. And I wouldn’t recommend buying VG or anything large. I purchased 4 litres and a bunch of flavours for 117, it cost me 29 US for shipping, Fed ex had to be my broker because customs nabbed me for being over 100 bucks and package weighed a lot. Fed ex charged me 48 bucks more. So moral of story, keep it to under 100 bucks and only flavours from Nic River. The rest from the Broke Vaper, seems to work for me this way.

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Right on man. I’ll be following suit. Thanks for all the advise. I’ll be sure to keep it under 100

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Nothing in Fusion Flavour’s TOC says that if an error is made in fulfilling a customer’s order that the seller is relieved of any liability and relieves the seller of fulfilling the order. And if there were a section of their TOC that said that it wouldn’t hold up in court–ie, it would be illegal. I don’t know the laws in Canada, but I’m confident it’s very similar to every other Western country since we have very similar laws on contract enforcement.

You have an easy PayPal case here and you’ll get your money back. Have you filed one? It’ll take less than five minutes of your time and will perhaps make Fusion Flavours think twice before trying to scam their customers.

I will defiantly be filing one. Thanks for the tips