FW Captain Crunch Berry Notes?

Hi all…
So I wanna make a good cereal vape

I bought Fruit Circles and Fruity Flakes which taste the same (Lemon Sorbet)

I also bought Captain Crunch Berry from Flavour West but can’t seem to find anything on here with tasting notes

Any idea on single flavour percentage so I can taste it alone?

FW recommends a 15% usage of this flavor. It is a very nice flavor but you will have to experiment and find the strength you prefer. Make up a 10% and a 15% and see what’s closest for your taste. You can then adjust if necessary. Good Luck…

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They have two “crunch” cereals on their site, Crunch Cereal and Crunch Fruit Cereal so I’m guessing the Crunch Fruit Cereal is supposed to be like Captain Crunch Berries.


Ah I see… so they changed the name

I’ll try at 10% first and go from there

Thanx !

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