FW Cherry Crush...WTF!

So I love Maraschino Cherries. With that being said, I decided try my hand at making some juices with Cherry flavors. I have used INW Cherries for a while. Use it all the time. Decided to take a chance and try RF SC Cherry and FW Cherry Crush. Got my order from Bullcity today, opened up the Cherry Crush just to give it a smell and the damn fragrance stuck in my nose for ten minutes before it went away! I don’t know what chemicals are in said concentrate but holy crap! Never have had that happen before.


The Wild Cherry (RF)(SC) was another that flooded the house with the very intense smell of it to the point my wife was screaming and I had both front and back doors open and the fans all on trying to lessen the impact.
Not near as strong now but holy hell that first cracking of the bottle was overpowering.


Wild Cherry got cut out of the order at the last second. I may have to get it now just to see my wife’s reaction when I have her open it. Thanks for the idea.


I just used RF SC flavors the other day for the first time, and yes they have a very powerful aroma.

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FW Cherry crush varies, for me. Sometimes it’s a great cherry flavor, sometimes it has a hint of medicinal smell.

I do have the RF SC Wild Cherry, maybe I need to break it out and mix with it, more.

What percentages is everyone using these at?

I can get away with as low as 1% with crush up to 3%, depending on what else Is in the mix. The RF SC… ehhh, the whole line is still a mystery to me since I stopped working with them as much.


I’m kind of experimenting with Crush and RF Cherry right now. Currently have them mixed together at a 2:1 ratio.

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2- crush: 1- RF SC? What %’s are you using?

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TPA Maraschino Cherry is exactly the juice from the real jar, spot on. But holy hangnails it is Strong with a capital S. Like, 1% is a lot.

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Sorry. Right now I have simple mixes of Cherry Crush and Cherry RFSC @ 2%/1% and 2.5/1.5. I also have one Cherry Crush/Cherry/Cherries INW @ 2/1/1. Just trying some different combos to see how these work together.

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I was going to pick that one up too but it had a lot of bad reviews. I may pick it up if you’re having success with it. You’re keeping it under 1%?

I can see the negative reviews because it is viciously strong, but in very small % it works for me. Wife likes it as a single flavor mix even.

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