FW Salted Caramel

Hi everyone how do i find notes and median % and what not for this flavor? FW Salted Caramel

Try here
Go to main site
After login
Yhen hit flavor list
Then search for salted caramel FW
Then notes

Thank you. I still dont see a median %, only "gramma bert"s notes? Is it possible this is only info available?

Well it is just according to what and who puts the notes on any given flavor some have a lot of info some not so much
It is users options
I guess go to manufacture FW site or reseller site

Nevermind. Found it. Thank you. Never knew how to do that before

25% lol oh wait 40%! Haha i was thinking 3-4% think ill stick with that :wink:

Yes it is according to which one you choose
One has all the information other one doesn’t
Usually the one with most users bye it

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Dont forget the 40% is probably in a one shot/concentrate.