FW Tangerine

It’s all over the forum, discussions about flavors being added to the DB that are repetitive and how irritating that is. So I want to ask you guys for some help with one specifically.

Recently I got FW Tangerine. Is it the same thing as FW Tangerine (Natural)? Because I can’t find it as just “FW Tangerine”, and I do not want to add it to the DB and cause more repetitiveness, more redundancy, more of the same thing…

Easiest way I can think of to check would be to hit up FW website, and see if they have two listed. If so, the I’d say feel free to add the non “Natural”.

Might wait and see if anyone else chimes in though, as I’m just shooting from the hip as to what I’d do…

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Website says this. Which looks like both. So I think I can use the one already in the DB. Thanks for the suggestion.

Natural Tangerine Flavoring.

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Yeah, I wish there was some basic standard of uniform labeling required by the manufacturers for rebottlers… Lord knows it’d make life easier on several aspects.

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I could be a real devil and suggest that all DB additions must be vetted/approved by the moderators prior to publishing, so they could keep redundancy from happening, but that’s not fair.