(FW) Yellow Cake recipe change?

Welcome to ELR @ohkaye1995 For what it’s worth, a lot of mixers use Yellow Cake (Flavor Jungle). Many like it better than FW and I believe (don’t quote me) that’s it’s a cleaner concentrate. I personally get the playdough taste from FW YC, so I don’t use it anymore.


@ohkaye1995 we may have to reach out, as it DOES seem like something is going on. It is NO LONGER on OOO’s website which is very curious. Also, it is OOS at most sites, and even NomNomz only has 30ml bottles left, so you may want to pick some up NOW.


I figured as much. I may be new to mixing, but I’m seasoned in research and sales and knew something was up.

@Mikser Thanks for the link, i picked up two 30mls so i have it. Now i can make all my strawberry jam filled/covered goodies for a while :blush: :blush:

Since i have yall here in this thread and seeing as how you’re well known in this world; GrimGreen just posted a video on YouTube highlighting some very serious legislation that is being put forward. There’s a link in the video’s description for action. The video is informative, and the legislation will hurt all vaper’s, us mixers included, considering Grim’s calculation that our 100mg/ml bottles of base could have a $5000 additional tax slapped onto it.

Much love yall. Thanks again for the help.


The vid this gentleman is speaking of… I signed it


Thank you, sir!


Yeah, seems like you nailed it @ohkaye1995. I hadn’t heard anything about it, so hats off to you.

As far as other jams, I am shocked that I DIDN’T test VTA’s SB Jam, hehe, I thought I had.

As far as jams that I have tested, and DID buy a BAB (Big Ass Bottle) of, if you remember the “Monster Leaks”, I did test the SB Jam from Flavor Labs, and it WAS maybe the jammiest of jammie jams, that I have tested. NOW, hehe, I think I will now have to pick up the VTA SB Jam so I can test it.

As far as scraping together 30ml bottles of VTA’s overseas, you might as well go to diy-ejuice, and just buy a big bottle.

I DID really like the Flavor Labs SB Jam, and I DID buy a big ass bottle.

Strawberry Jam (Flavor Labs) 6% (10-26-20) – Yeah, this is the one. The one that really brought Flavor Labs into the limelight. Yes, it IS maybe one of the BEST Jammie, Strawberry Jams I have tried, and I’ve tried a few. Now, this isn’t supposed to be, nor does it claim to be the best Strawberry, but again, we’re talking JAM here. OK, this one, probably SHOULD be on your must have list, if you are shopping at Flavor Labs. Starting this one off, it was surprisingly below mid level sweet ?? !!! What ?? Yes, and that just opens it up for more uses, and allows you to spike sweetener if you want to. The next, and overwhelming point, IS the jammy-ness of it. I am not sure how they do it, but it MUST be magic, or every “jam” would have it, and they don’t. There is just a very unique quality to it, and it just absolutely captures the exact qualities of a jam. If you can picture eating some homemade SB Jam with pectin, and just the right amount of sugar, that’s this. It’s so unique IMO, it really sets it apart from the pack, and not in a small way. The SB’s in total appeared to lean from the mid to low, with a smattering of the bright higher end, which gave it a much more full, and robust SB Jam vaping experience, as opposed to a bright SB. All in, for a Strawberry Jam, I cannot go less than 10/10.



Hehe, I forgot I picked up a 240ml bottle of it.


How the HELL have I not tested it yet LOL ??


Looks like you’ll have another flavor on your list tonight!


OOO only sells retail thru it’s own store anymore.

or Amazon.

They have something on sale once a week once you sign up.


Scroll up a bit through our conversation; it seems like it has been discontinued. Ordered FL’s SB Jam, as it seems to be more of what I’m after anyways.


This is from their Web site.

If for some reason you do not see a flavor that you’re looking for or it may be that it requires us to special order it, please send us and email orders@oneononeflavors.com…there’s a good chance that we may have it in stock.

If Flavorah is your favorite there is no need.


It’s pretty good, very close to OOO if I rated them. They paired together nicely too.
I preferred it over their Raspberry Jam if you’ve had that one.


Like @rcleven said, OOO has some flavors that they keep in production but don’t list on their site. Hopefully the strawberry jam is one of them. It does look like it might be discontinued though.

But, you can learn to turn just about any fruit into a jammy flavor. Typically, you want to make a flavor blend that leans more to the sweet, soft, ripe side. Try for the essence of the fruit rather than a “natural” flavor. You don’t need earthiness or green notes or anything like that.

Then add additives to make it more jammy. TFA Pear is pretty good for adding a sort of generic fruity thickness. A small amount of FA Liquid Amber will add a “cooked fruit” flavor which is great for pie and pastry fillings and can also enhance jamminess. TFA Dragonfruit isn’t a great dragonfruit flavor, but what it is really good at is adding mouthfeel and sort of softening sharper notes if you need it.


Agreed @mr_cumulus. INW Shisha SB has some jam packed into it.


@mr_cumulus I’ve got Shisha SB on the way, am excited to try it!

Thanks for these tips and information, wildly helpful as I continue to learn and experiment with these flavors.

I made a batch of TFA ripe SB mixed with TFA SB and it came out pretty jammy. It’s been my on-the-go ADV in my Wenax pod.

Is sweet currant by CAP helpful in seeking this jamminess as well?

I’ll have to add pear and dragonfruit to my order list, which grows daily, if not hourly, lmao.