[FYI] 20% off FastTech

20% off FastTech.
Re: http://vaporjoe.blogspot.com/2016/02/3-days-only-20-off-fasttech-site-wide.html

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Site wide

FEB 5 - 7 20% off

FEB 8 - 14 15% off

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I mentioned that in the Good Deals thread :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just picked up the Temple RDA (30mm version) for a little over 9.00. Now to wait…and wait…

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I hear ya, i dropped a couple hundred but i have plenty of stuff to keep me occupied until it arrives, hehe.

For that much and with that discount you should have plenty of new toys to play with. Yippeee!

The wife too, had to include her if i want to remain alive. :laughing:


Got some ceramic tweezers, some new UD cutters x2 and a velocity rda. Going back on today for some more bits and bob’s. Nice find. Just have to wait now. :bowing_man:

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Fasttech doesn’t ship from the us do they?