FYI - Free Shipping thru Sunday on (3x Medicine Flower Flavors are $12/15ml each!)

Also coupon code RAWFOOD7 gives you 7% off. They have the amazing Blueberry, Raspberry and Peach for at cost pricing. Add in free shipping and 7% off and the value can’t be beat for the at-cost-specials.


I got the blueberry because nothing else has worked so I’m hoping this does LOL thanks for the heads up

their blueberry is my absolute favorite bb so far. Hope you enjoy it as much as i do. :blush:

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You will love the MF Blueberry. I searched and searched for a good blueberry from the start because it’s my favorite pie.
I recently got some Capella Blueberry Crumble and added both to a Blueberry cerial recipe and man oh man is it good.
If you want a good cheesecake add Bilberry to the blueberry and Torrone to the cheesecake. Also been using some Greek Yogurt. Good stuff.
What I’ve been enjoying is to mix the MF at 2%, then add that to any recipes that take that fruit at about 30% in my tank. I use the Peach, Blueberry that way. The Butterscotch I just keep it single or add a drop of banana. I haven’t had too much success with other flavors yet, but I keep trying. Last night I added White chocolate to a peach mix. It was okay. Same situation with the Vanilla, Dark Chocolate and Coconut for example. Oh ya, I have been enjoying the Lemon and the Mango a bunch lately.


Thanks so much guys… I’ll try it out and if it works I’ll have to order more flavors through them :slight_smile:

therawfood’s normal shipping rates are terrible, so after this free shipping bonus ends on Sunday I’d go to for additional MF flavors.
-always free shipping inside US; and coupon code GEB10 gives you 10% off


Thanks for that good info. There’s still a few MF I wamt to get. Thamk goodmess new keydoard is I’m maildox today from Chima. I have a lot to catch up om when it’s all fixed. Lovimg SMOK RTDA ! Everythimg you ever wamted. Juice control, 24mm deck, flavor forever, operation excellemt, access to coil when full of juice.
4. 4665700 Authentic Smoktech SMOK Replacement TF-RDTA S2 Deck 0.2ohm (55-80W) 1
5. 4665801 Authentic SmokTech SMOK TF-RDTA Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer 5ml / 0.2ohm / stainless steel + glass