Gambino from Dripping Mafia

A contractor at my work was vaping today so I started talking vape with him. He was telling me about the flavor he had and said its his favorite and can only buy it in one shop in KC. I googled clones with no luck. He said it was a creamy banana and graham cracker taste. I didn’t try it (even though he offered, lol I don’t put my lips on another mans drip tip lol). I found a liquid online called Gambino and this is the description:

This is a flavor that will excite even the most defined palate. With a perfect combination of banana, creme, and custard, this juice has become one of our new favorites and will soon be one of yours as well.
I’m guessing banana cream, vanilla custard and cheesecake graham crust (because I could definitely smell it). Anybody have this before?

I haven’t, but I wanted to mention that you can get graham cracker without the cheesecake in case you weren’t aware. I’d try that first. The cheesecake might be a little strong and overpower the banana custard. :slight_smile: Good luck!

Good to know, thanks.

I relize this is an old post but I’m really intrested to see if you got any closer with this plz?
I’m in the uk and the first mod I brought was a coolfire with sub tank and a free bottle of juice £50 uk in a tabbocco shop .the liquid I choose was gambino and to this day it’s my favoate but I carnt get near it.
Wish I could

There are a lot of options here that might get you started. Remember, you can always omit a flavor like strawberry and just use the banana part. :slightly_smiling: