Game Changer announcement 2/26/21

Trust me when I say that I have dreaded this and held out hope that it wouldn’t be necessary. Nevertheless, due to some very serious health problems, I have stopped production of the GC. In truth, there has been almost no activity or shipping for several weeks while I attempted to recover only to then contract the Corona virus.

All on the wait list will be contacted privately as I am able. I have several items near completion but am currently unable to do much of anything. Doing any kind of work is out of the question.

I apologize to all that have been or will be inconvenienced. If I am able to resume making these I will post a notice. If not I am considering releasing detailed plans and instructions under creative commons licensing.


I’m so sorry to hear that your health is not good, and wish you the very best my friend.


I’m so very sorry to hear this. Sending lots of prayers that your health improves and you have a speedy recovery. Most important thing is you take care of yourself first!!!


I sure hope things improve for you my friend. Lots of :hugs: from me to you :kissing_heart:


I felt like everyone deserved an explanation so it was time. This is my second go round with Covid. Obviously the first didn’t kill me so I don’t plan on letting the second get me either. You know I’m a stubborn ol sumbitch. :rofl:

The first began shortly after I offered the GC to the vaping community. Demand was overwhelming and all of it, including being deathly sick, wore me down. Outsourcing or hiring help was out of the question. Now, it has repeated. I have to stop and recover.

I’ve been following your posts. So much for the jab bullshit. I guess now they propose a monthly genetic alteration trying to predict which new strain will “git us” this time. Oh but I had antibodies. R…ight. A local nurse took the vaccine and died near instantly in the ER. I have a distant relative that is the head surgical nurse in an Illinois hospital. They have been told not to take it. Keep spreading the truth my friend.


Nah, we’re way too stubborn to let a little virus get us down.
I look at all the safety precautions we’re supposed to take and do the exact opposite.
I’m not going to kill off my immune system just because they tell me it’s good for me. :fu:
My hands have never been in contact with that germ killing shit. Bastards are wasting our VG on that BS :nauseated_face:

They can stick their genetic alterations where the sun don’t shine, I rather die of a virus.
I’m very weary of religion but I do believe there is a power greater than us and my DNA was given to me at birth by that power and no fucker is going to mess with that. They’ll have to shoot me first.

Don’t you worry my dear, there’s no shutting me up. I’m used to being an outcast.
People have been pitying me for as long as I can remember.
" You are so smart, it’s such a shame you barely had an education. You could have been so successful. You could have had a good job, money and a beautiful house and you have nothing."

The good news is that I’ve never wanted all of that. Who would’ve thought I would end up being one of the privileged.
Barely an education = barely indoctrinated :grin:
Now they threatening to make outcasts of people who do not want the vaccine.
So what’s different? Nothing! :rofl:

You just make sure you get better my dear. People can wait on their GC a little longer.
The stuff will steep anyways :sunglasses:

:hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


Ouch :slight_smile:

With friends like that…


I wouldn’t really call them that. I don’t know a lot of people that I would call friend and the few I do call friend are, funnily enough, members of this forum. (and the other one of course :woman_facepalming: )


I’ve always had a similarly aloof approach to people and questioned the point of people who only hover around the edges of my life.

You’re either close enough for us to mutually benefit one another in practical ways or some random I have to actively remember to stay in contact with for mo real reason.

People like that are of little use to me and I’m of little use to them which makes us both worth very little to each other, which means there’s very little point in maintaining contact.

This seems to be the dynamic with the majority of friends, which makes me wonder why I’d care about accumulating them at all.

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Baaaaaaby have I got the tobacco mix for you

Certainly you would love it, unless you are one them creepy menthol lovers.

@Josephine_van_Rijn, we’ll call this one…

RECIPE: Guido’s Smoking Nuts

Hangsten Arab blend tobacco (at whatever % you prefer) in glycerine-only base that’s been steeping 3 weeks with acetyl pyrazine @ 1% and barrel oak @ 5% at 9% freebase plus 20% salt.


  • Hangsten Arab blend: Caramel, very mild NET tobacco notes
  • Acetyl Pyrazine: Warm, roasted nuts, slightly bready bakery notes
  • Barrel Oak: Sweet, soft background tone of oak-wood with just a hint of vanilla

That’s it.

None of that low nicotine desert shit (yes yeah desserts are my favourite too, before the anyone chimes-in, but this is a tonacco for the Dutch chick): with 29% combined nic content it’s got all the lung hit a tobacco liquid should have, with the few flavours mild enough to not be loud on your taste buds, like tobacco should be.

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I guess I have missed @Josephine_van_Rijn posts. I sure would love to read them. Can either of you tell me where to look? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::crazy_face:


You can click on my profile and look at my posts. I’m all over the place, literally :laughing:


Ooo I’ve never done that. Goes to hunt you down :speak_no_evil::joy::crazy_face:


Dan, so sorry to hear this but your one tough SOB and know you’ll be better soon. Besides, I need a backup GC so I refuse to let you get any sicker, we need you at 100% brother :triumph:


Lol… I second this motion…, hope things get better & ur alright @anon36682625 !


That’s a good one… I’m going to use it!

Hey Dan! What are you up to? No chance you’ll let that junkie win won’t you? Get better soon brother!


Thanks to you and all the other well wishers. I think I’ll be alright. I’m breathing OK and fever is not nearly as bad. I’ll be glad when I can vape again. I’ve been putting a 10 mg nic solution under my tongue LOL.