GearBest: The Special Atomizer comes out! & Giveaways!

Hello everybody,

Did you remember our one giveaway long time ago?
We asked you what is favorite atomizer and why you like it.
Because we want to delevop one GB special atomizer for all of you.

Now,the GearBest independent research and development atomizer come out!!
The brand is “apepal”.We are very excited with this.

Let me introduce a Exclusive Atomizer Apepal Unique RDTA Atomizer
$12.99 with couponcode:Apepal

Main Features:
Apepal Unique RDTA atomizer
Rotate-to-wick-cotton structure, anti-leak design
2 post deck for single coil building
8 airflow holes on the top side, 2mm diameter for each, adjust air flow by rotating the top cap
4ml juice capacity
Stainless steel and glass construction
510 gold plated thread connection
24mm diameter

Then, most importantly is the giveaway!!! Please don’t miss it.
We will choose 5 winners via on 19th Oct.

Here is the giveaways rules:

  1. Share your thought about this atomizer.(How do you think about this one)
  2. Ask one of your friend to like our giveaway.

Good luck to all of you.
Please PM me if you have any question & needs.

Wish you have a good day

Best regards


Do you have any more photos? What does the deck look like? Need more info but it looks pretty cool.

the design looks amazing. I dig the ape. I have the limitless xl and it’s big. it looks like its alright size. stainless steel is a plus. I’m glad it’s adjustable!. it’s sick.
@Anonymiss @JoJo @Joel5

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the rdta looks nice and price point seems great , it looks compact which is something that has made me want other products the features seem on point

@Pugs1970 @Rob62 @chrisdpx @Whiterose0818 @VapeyMama @GPC2012

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I like atomizers that have the option of either a factory coil setup or a deck to build on. and other than that it looks fantastic. Nice and small not to overbearing.
@VapeyMama @MisterSinner @Alisa

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Looks to have a nice deck to build a single coil.
The adjustable airflow looks very simple to use.
Overall a great looking RDTA at a very reasonable price.
@Anonymiss @Lord_Dan @Dan_the_Man @Pat @ozo

Interesting feature. Would love to try it out.
@Anonymiss @SunnyT @Pattie @Whiterose0818

Looks nice. Seems rdta’s / Genesis style tanks are the rage. I would be interested in seeing pics of the build deck to wick hole ratio.


I am interested in the airflow. looks pretty cool. Good looks and I like the name lol

@VapeyMama @MysticRose @SunnyT @BoyHowdy

Looks good, nice idea with the juice flow control

@Pugs1970 @Grubby @Pattie

The closable wicking holes is interesting and besides that it looks nice.
@louiesquared @jhmiller

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looks like it has some interesting new features…and a monkey :grin::+1:

@Kalahariuk @Grubby @VapeyMama

Coil clamps look cool and I’m all about that single coil life!

@BoDarc @BoyHowdy


Oh, anti leak, I like the sound of that. I’ve got some issues with some top fill tanks when it comes to leaking and I love the monkey. All in all a very nice looking tank and a good price too.
@Bearkat @Uncaged, you must get lucky some day bro :grinning:


Looks cool, I like all the airflow and I like the price!

@Josephine_van_Rijn @Pugs1970 @Chrispdx


Share your thought about this atomizer.(How do you think about this one)
I like the sound of leak prook. Love the design too, that Ape :smiley: :banana:

Ask one of your friend to like our giveaway.

@Joy , @Beaufort_Batches


This seems to have some interesting design choices / features. I like to try it out and see how his leak proof design works.

@wayne_morlan @Ed_Tobler @Ron_Balestrieri


Definitely unique looking and appears to be able to take a big single coil, maybe 4mm parallel clapton? Definitely priced right.

@Alisa @MisterSinner @MysticRose


I really love RDTA’s and this one looks great! Love the large drip tip and the size. I too would like to see the build deck. Great job. Thank you Gearbest for the offer and the giveaway! Thank you ELR for hosting the giveaway!

this seems to be full of features the likes of which I have never tried, the build deck style will be new for me
4 ml is double what I am used to, and anti- leak sounds bloody marvellous, and of course, as pugs rightly pointed out
the Ape is just ORSUM !

@Grubby @anon88729607 @Lolly @MisterSinner @Twinxster @Pugs1970