GeeK Vape HBC coil review

I won these Geek Vape handbuilt coils in a contest that was posted by @Heaven_Gifts and was told that I have a chance of them sending me the tank for these coils if I do a review. So here it is!
Like I said, I don’t actually have the tank (yet!) so I haven’t been able to test them out. We’re going purely on looks here.
I chose the standard dual SS .25 ohm coils and the Juggernaut dual kanthal .2 ohm coils.
At first glance these things look like monsters compared to the little Atlantis coils I’m used to. They appear to be pretty well built. The base of the deck is plastic, not metal, and the post screws come up through the bottom, so if you’re thinking about trying to rebuild these I would imagine it would be pretty difficult.
Each one has four large juice flow holes around the sides, and two air flow holes in the bottom. They have the product code, wattage range, resistance, and coil material listed on the side.
It also looks like the cotton can be easily changed out, so I think you could get a nice long life span out of these.

These seem pretty solid, I’m definitely looking forward to actually trying them!
Thanks again to @Heaven_Gifts for the giveaway! And if you have that extra tank laying around I’d be happy to review it for you! :wink:


Well done sister :ok_hand: Top review, can’t wait to see your review of the tank. :yum:


@Heaven_Gifts Please send @VapeyMama The tank so she can review the complete package :smile:


Yes please! :smiley:


And send me one too …just…coz… :grimacing::+1:


His reviews are funny. Then we get the perfect balance between serieus and funny. It’s always good to have that, it is called scientific reviewing. :upside_down:
Nice looking coils and review @VapeyMama, they will last a while as long as the legs don’t snap, you can change the cotton and dry burn and/or wash them, but you definitely need the tank! :pray:


I won the coils as well and they have just been sitting here, as I don’t have the tank. But what tank is it? I can’t find the thread now for some reason.

It’s the Geek Vape Eagle

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Thank you!

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No prob! :grinning: