Geek Vape Zeus Sub-ohm tank questions

So I generally use the Freemax Mesh Pro tank. Decided to try something new and got the Geek Vape Zeus mesh tank. Been using the .2 coils. I’ve used the same juice in both tanks but am just not getting good flavor from the Geek Vape. Any ideas? Vaping around 80 watts. I read so many good reviews on the Zeus tank but I’m just not getting good results. Generally make my juice 40pg/60vg. Don’t know if that matters for this tank.


I had the same tank sent to me and I was not impressed with the flavor with either coil that came with it.
Now if you wait a good flavor coil get the dark mesh coils from Advken, that will fit in your freemax pro tank.


@scifoc I think @Fordf150_Angelo has a good point. The Zeus RTA is a decent tank but the sub-ohm tank is just average. There are so many sub-ohm tanks on the market and they are all very much alike.
Some are better than others but IMO the differences are slight.