Geekvape Aegis question

I’ve had the mod for a few weeks now, and while I love it there are a couple of quirks that I have some questions about.

Firstly, the ohm reading will show .36 while idle, but when I fire it will lower to .32 as soon as I stop firing it goes back to .36 what gives? It is making me believe that the mod is showing an incorrect reading.

Second, the AMP reading only shows when you are firing, as soon as you stop firing it zeros out again. What is the use of this if you can’t see it while vaping?

I notice these things because before, when I was using a Smok Alien it would show these numbers consistently, and when you adjust your wattage it adjusted the amp reading accordingly.

have you updated it I had these problems until I updated the firmware and as for the amps it’ll only show you whilst firing as it won’t be pushing any amps when your not firing if that makes sense

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I did upgrade to the newest firmware. 1.23a

Same thing is happening though.

I guess I can see why the amp rating wouldn’t show for that reason, it just doesn’t make sense to have a reading on the screen that shows 0 at any time you’re actually able to view it…

I agree with you. I have mods like that too. To check the amps it’s pulling I just fire it for less than a second while looking at screen… obviously not pulling on the atomizer.

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have you tried just tightening down grub screws on the build I had the same problem with the voopoo turns out a quarter a turn on a screw in the kylin sorted it

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Hey, plenty of most of my mods only show amp while firing, to give a reading of what is being pulled from the batteries. I also had my coil read 0.39 (firmware 1.23) when I knew good and well its 0.42, but mine is going to fluctuate being SS used in Power Mode. My suggestion is definitely roll back the firmware to 1.20, this has taken care of a whole host of issues for me, from battery weakness, wattage changing, and coil reading.


As for the ohm reading then it can be caused by a loose connection in the atty, either a loose 510 pin or the coil not being tight enough in the posts. Try tightening both and see if it helps.