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GeekVape Aegis X


“The first thing I like to do…” is whap the cat out of the way…

Poor thing. :laughing:

I had to watch it 3x before I could continue…

I’ve got one that is too stealthy for his own good sometimes. So I can relate. :wink:


lmao whap!!! Is fine… I did that last night… had my front door open and cat came in… and whap… out the door he went… one of my wild cats, and I was so surprised he tried… just amazed!

I hope he will be back :stuck_out_tongue:


Very entertaining review Dan! I dig those left to right transitions. Would like to have seen on a bit more of what options are available like ‘curve’ modes etc.

Your cat seems to enjoy a bit of screen time, even after getting smacked lol! Good job my friend!


Nicely done @Dan_the_Man (again). Cats make ALL review videos better. :slight_smile:


Oh man, I can’t wait to start learning what Davinci resolve has to offer. The transitions are soooo smoooothh man, so smooth and it renders in a 3rd of the time it used to take. I can’t believe they offer this for free. I am pretty sure I have the basics down so I will be learning some new stuff pretty soon.

I do believe it’s the only editing software that has everything in it. Audio has it’s own mini program if you will and the color grading is pretty bad ass too. I have a lot to learn thats for sure.


Cool review man, you are hilarious!
I recently over payed for one of these…I went to a local shop and saw the pretty little thing…couldn’t resist! Plus, geek vape is so reputable! I love the “business screen” on it (it reminds me of the alien mod screen haha). The battery door took a little getting used to, but once it was broke in, I got over it! It feels super good in my hand, sturdy but fits and feels nice! The tank…I wasn’t a fan. The coils broke in nicely but the way it hit was not my style.


LMAO You crack me up Dan! Thanks for the review!


HAHAHA thank you, my dear.

It’s nice, right?

:grin: Ya, I wasn’t at first either but I got used to it after getting one with every kit they sent me.

:grin: :grin: LOL thank you my friend!