Geekvape Blade 235W Mod review by Mjag

Thank you for taking the time to view my review of the Geekvape Blade 235W Mod. Provided free of charge by No other compensation was received or promises made, just asked for my honest opinion.


  • 235 Watts
  • Battery compatibility: Dual 18650(with adapter) or dual 20700/21700 Battery
  • 93mm x 52.5mm x 38mm
  • 117 grams without batteries or 18650 adapter
  • Modes: Power/TC/TCR/VPC/BYPASS

Package includes:

  • Blade MOD
  • 18650 Battery Adapter
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • USB Cable

Available in 4 colors:

Getting to know the Geekvape Blade

If you already have an Aegis or Gbox from Geekvape than you will be familiar with the interface of the Blade. As far as I can tell it is the same chip and the interface is the same easy to use menu that I find very intuitive.

What is different with the Blade is you can now use a pair 21700 or 20700 batteries for a bump in the available amps and mah over 18650 mods.

Battery compartment shown with included 18650 adapter.

18650 adapter installed, one of the best adapters I have personally used.

The 510 is centered from left to right but not front to back which is a shame.

With the 510 mounted towards the front 25.5mm tanks sit flush.

But 28mm will have a bit of overhang due to the bevel.

Same goes for 30mm of course.

That bevel is duplicated on the bottom which most of the time was not a problem but while taking pics I noticed the heavier tanks like the 30mm can make it unstable. It tipped over on me while taking pics when my background was a little raised in the back.

The finish on my black version has a great rubberized hand feel to it. It has a little bit of a sparkling matte finish to it that looks really nice, it has not been very durable though. Not too noticeable as the finish under the sparkling topcoat is black but there nonetheless. The bottom of mine is the worst, you can see other areas in my pics around the sides and top that have flaked off a bit.

Battery door is very secure with 4 powerful magnets and no play at all. You can also install it either way, with the battery venting on top or bottom. I prefer it on the bottom away from my face.

Buttons are nice and clicky with no rattle, I could shake this mod for all it’s worth and nothing. I can fire it with either my thumb or index finger but find thumb firing to be the most comfortable.

Opening up the Blade is impressive, nice clean layout and looks to be good gage wire used for the important areas, Look how short of a connection from the 510 to the board is.

The 510 is solid as well.

For being a bigger mod the Blade is lightweight but feels sturdy. Without batteries the Blade weighed in at 117 grams, compare that to the Voopoo Drag at 208 grams and the Smoant Cylon at 195 grams.

To give you an idea of size I lined up the Blade next to the Joyetech Espion Inifinite which is a also a dual 21700 mod and the Smok Alien as a reference.

Power Performance

No complaints here, the Blade performs and lights up the coils quick and without delay. Seems somewhat accurate and 235 watts tortured my esophagus with molten hot lava, wow do I hate high wattage testing.

The Variable Power Curve or VPC is simple to setup and one of the few I actually enjoy using. Not only does it work great but the simplicity of it makes it a joy to use with different tanks compared to other power curve modes. Just triple click the fire button, use the + or - buttons to select VPC, click the fire button to toggle between the 5 power setting and use the + and - to adjust, simple as that.

TC Performance

I went back to my notes on the Aegis when I reviewed that several months ago. I did so as the TC performance on the Blade was eerily similar, not a good thing. The problem with the Blade is consistency, you can get good results but it is not a set and forget proposition as it is with top TC mods. It generally runs cold so you have to increase the temp, sometimes 15 to 20F and other times 35 to 40F. It does offer good dry hit protection but you have to find that point. I tested a simple dual coil single wire SS316L build on my SXmini G class at 430F and to get the same vape on the Blade I had to up the temp 465F. Surprisingly I was able to empty the tank without any dry hits at 465F but that was not always the case.

TCR mode didn’t help much, had to up the TCR for SS316 which is normally 092 all the way up to between 125 and 130, I have never had to increase it that much. I then had to back it off to 115 to avoid dry hits but then I got a cooler vape.

Overall the TC performance was smooth and offers dry hit protection, it can be enjoyable. If you like consistency and knowing the temp you set it at is giving you what is on the screen then this mod is not for you.

Battery Life

Using dual 21700’s I was more than happy with the battery life, got me through the day and sometimes into the next day. I used Avatar Control 21700 when I was vaping under 100 watts, Mooch tested to be a 20A with close to 4000 mah each. Switched to the Golisi 21700 when I wanted to crank the watts to stupid levels, tested at 30A/3700mah. 21700 batteries are still far from maturing but I for one really enjoy using them. I thought it was over rated, stick to my 18650 I was thinking but the more and more I use mods that are 21700 capable to more I love it.

While I generally don’t recommend it the Blade does have pass through charging which I understand is a must for a lot of people who have long commutes.


  • Easy to use menu
  • Great battery life
  • Silky rubberized finish
  • Solid power performance
  • Great Variable Power Curve that is easy to setup
  • Solid build quality
  • Dual 21700, 20700 and 18650 compatible
  • Bright easy to read screen


  • Sparkling matte finish flakes off easily, black underneath so not too noticeable
  • TC works but is not accurate or consistent
  • Curve at the bottom makes the mod easy to tip over, more so with a heavy tank on top
  • Not the most comfortable in the hand due to size but too be expected from a dual 21700

Final thoughts

If you have a Geekvape Aegis or Gbox and love it but want to use 21700 batteries the Blade will not disappoint, it is basically the same mod function wise. If you are a TC user but accuracy and consistency are whatevs, you just turn up the temp until you get the vape you want then it provides a smooth TC vape. I know a lot of TC users expect to get consistent results, if they set it to 430F then that is what they want, look elsewhere, the Blade is not for you.

As for me will I continue using the Blade or will it wind up on the shelf after this review? TC woes aside I do love the battery life and the VPC mode is fun to use. Even in TC I generally vape at 430F but if I have to set the Blade to between 450 and 465F to get the same results it does work, just not accurately. I did find myself just using it in either Power or VPC mode most of the time, just a better experience for me. I may not use it a lot but when I know I will be on the road awhile I will take the Blade with me, I like it better than my other 2 dual 21700 mods.

Thanks to Maggie and all the fine people at for being so great to deal with and supplying the Geekvape Blade for review. You can find more info and purchase the Blade here:

Check out how this stacks up to other tasty gear and meet the Steampugs team of reviewers. Your bound to have a good time and read up on some great products, not so great ones too


Nice one! I had similar experiences with my Blade. I have the Starry Night version which took a little getting used to, aesthetically speaking, but I haven’t put it down since it arrived. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


Thank you bud!

How is the finish holding up on yours?

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Funny you should ask. I dropped it from a sitting position onto concrete and it sorta bounced, then rolled and without using a magnifier, I cannot find a single scratch on this. I really thought it was going to crack.


Same thing happened to me just a few hours ago, it really is unstable when there are no batteries in it and a tank on top. Fell off my kitchen counter about 4 feet onto the tile floor but no real damage visible aside from the flaking that was already there.


Very in-depth review. I usually have a mental checklist when I read a review and so far you have covered all the bases, plus some I wouldn’t have thought of. Like swapping out batteries and comparing performance.
It’s a shame this mod falls short in the TC category because it could have been a contender on my Want List. Meh…it is what it is.
Thanks again for the top-shelf review!


Thank you TZ, glad I could help you make an informed decision :+1:

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Another great review @mjag. As usual, pointing out the not so obvious makes it that much better.

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Thanks bud!

I often worry I dig too deep into the weeds. I try and point out the things I always want to know when reading a review. I am always happy if I can help and your comments mean a lot.

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