Geekvape Blitzen - A Visit from St. Nicholas?

I would like to thank Healthcabin for sending me the Blitzen free of charge for review. Despite that I will give my honest opinion.


The Blitzen comes in the standard orange and black box which is associated with geekvape. Mine is the sample pack, so yours may look a little different. The contents however, should remain the same


1x GeekVape Blitzen RTA 24mm
1x 510 Drip Tip
1x 810 Drip Tip
1x 510 Drip Tip Adapter

1x 5ml Spare Bubble Glass Tube
1x 2ml Spare Glass Tube

1x Chimney Extender
1x Chimney Key
1x Allen Key
1x Instruction Manual
21x Spare O-rings
4x spare Grub Screws 4x Spare Grub Screws (yeah I lost one )

The tank is nicely finished, well machined and clean, as I have come to expect from Geekvape. There are several features that are unmistakeably similar to Steamcrave tanks. Since I love my Steamcrave gear, I’m happy to see a few features emulated here.

The deck on the Geekvape Blitzen is very similar to the Steamcrave Aromamizer Plus - just slightly smaller in size. I love my postless decks - I find them super easy to use.

The 18mm deck is a breeze to build on and will fit some decent sized coils should you wish to put some biguns in.

The similarities don’t stop with the deck. The Airflow is also quite similar - it provides ample air and a smooth quiet draw which hits the coils at a perfect angle. I tend to build a little closer to the deck and found that the large airflow enabled me to do this without a compromise in flavour.

The Blitzen gives me a great moist warm vape with plenty of flavour. It comes in 5 colours making matchy matchy a bit easier for the ocd among us.


For those of you in the EU, the Blitzen comes with a 2ml glass installed for TPD compliance. For the rest of the world, changing to the 5ml bubble glass and installing the chimney extension will likely be the first thing done. Be aware that using the 5ml bubble glass will make the Blitzen a wee bit taller and while I don’t notice much flavour loss, it could be an issue for some. Using the bubble glass does upset the clean lines of the tank, but I am simply too lazy to fill it as often as I would have to when using the 2ml glass.

I have always liked the number of spare parts and odds and ends that Geekvape provide with their gear, I particularly like the chimney key and have found it a useful tool on other tanks.

I really like the Geekvape Blitzen and in the 2 weeks of using it have not found any major cons.

Pros & Cons:

Nice smooth large airflow
Easy to build postless deck
Loads of spares
Drip tip options
Great Flavour in both 2ml and 5ml mode

Can be a little tricky lining up the slots on the deck so the coils are positioned correctly with the airflow holes.

I would love to see the fill holes in a recess just so any spilt juice doesn’t squeeze out and run down the outside of the tank.

Would I buy it?
Sure I would, the price is reasonable and the tank is a quality tank. It can be yours from Healthcabin for $34.20 (at time of publishing):

In the meantime please feel free to hop on over to Steampugs to see how the Blitzen compares to other tanks currently on the market.

I am going to do just that right now and read @mjag’s review on the Blitzen.

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Alright Woftam! Thank you! So many wonderful toys!!!


and in 2 weeks as we all do want to throw her out the window. Nice bud!


Excellent review as always @woftam :+1: I hope your planning on doing a lot more, I always enjoy reading them.

Good on you for posting the advocacy links, really something we all should be more mindful of. thanks so much for doing that brother!


@woftam Glad you said something, because the more I looked, I thought it WAS a Steam Crave !!!
Great review mate, pictures and comments make it worth reading.


Yes mate there are some remarkable similarities and it is a very nice bit of kit.

@mjag cheers buddy - i just read yours we picked up on a few of the same things and likewise love reading yours as well

@Worm lol na this one is a keeper

@SmilingOgre thanks mate wish I had the stones to do a video


Your written reviews are on point man. No video has anything on them.


Sorry to ramble on but I just watched a DJLSB video and found myself thinking “get on with it” as he told me about the three drip tips over and over and over. I enjoyed your review a lot more. Take it at my pace.


You know me and cant leave enuff alone, You know blitzen is last on the reindeer list but comet has been named, before his time, who is next?


Well done @woftam !! The Blitzen sure is a nice looking piece. Thanks for the review brother and the advocacy links! :beers:


Very nice write up!


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badda bing badda boom badda bam , straight to the point with all the info most should need well done as usual , great review bravo ty


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another Great job brother :ok_hand:, I love this thing too, awesome tank.
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Thanks mate - it is a great tank really well made. Geekvape are setting the bar pretty high.


Good review, short sweet and to the point, good information, easy read.