Geekvape Blitzen

Hi all.

Just wondering if anyone has used the new geekvape blitzen and how it performs.

Have had one on pre order for a while but am getting itchy feet so to speak. Have seen reviews online but prefer the advice on ELR.



Do you have anything that will accomadate a 30mm RDA?

Got one (or 2) on the way for review so it’ll be a couple of weeks I think :+1:


Thought it was 25mm at the base…eeeeeek.

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Thanks @Steampugs keen to hear your thoughts.

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Hopefully it’s better than the Zeus rta and the hype surrounding it. Just got one recently and I’m not really impressed by it. I tried different ID, height of coil and wicks, not getting that amazing flavor as some claim. Still using the serpent smm, flavor on this puts the Zeus to shame for me.

24 base and looks 25 at widest point, perhaps @TheTinMan had too much lube last night


Yep…I have had a few of those lately…I guess that is the subjuctive nature of reviews out there.

hype will get ya, sometimes u just want to believe something is living up to your expectations that it appears to u in your mind. sry bud but for that and few other reasons, i would never preorder anything, certainly not until @Steampugs , crew and elr members give ya some solid feedback.

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It is. The reason I asked about the 30mm is the Aromamizer Plus, the exact deck that Geek Vape ripped off, is higher quality and probably a lot better than the Blitzen.

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Haven’t used the aromamizer to be honest mate but have enjoyed the restrictiveness of draw with previous geekvape products so hype+assumption on draw=pre order on my behalf. Hoping not to regret the wait and cost. :grimacing:

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I have had the Blitzen for about 10 days. I am really trying to like this tank. I have never put so many builds and rewicked a tank so many times with such mediocre results.

I have duplicated the builds I saw on youtube that gave it good reviews, but it just isn’t happening for me. I am not getting a good balance of flavor and vapor. I think it was Heathen that said it wasn’t good and the flavor was muted.

The airflow is massive. I leave the airflow wide open on many tanks but this I have to shut down about half way. The build quality is great and in theory it should all work. I have only tried it in tall mode so maybe in shorty mode the flavor is better, but I really don’t want a 2ml tank.

I have a lot of tanks and think I build ok, I certainly am not an expert or claim to be, but if I lost this tank I wouldn’t buy another. Maybe when Pugs or someone else reviews it, I’ll learn a better way to build it.

I like my Bravo, Kensei, Manta, Intrepid and Fireluke tanks much better.

Edit: Forgot to add that so far the best results I’ve gotten from the Blitzen is 3.5mm single coil build. But for single coil I get much better results from my Mad Dog Desire GTA.

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Sounds like me with the Zeus. I know the feeling. People keep saying coil placement and I have tried to mimic nearly every review looking at the height they place it with very little result. I’m at a lost too.

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Appreciate your honesty @Jim22. Cheers mate!

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I have to update this because I found a setup that gets better performance from the Blitzen. I am using 3mm flattened fused Claptons 26 X 2 kanthal wrapped with 36 gauge kanthal.raised up high so they are just under the dome of the chimney and pretty much level with the air inlets. The coils are 5 wraps and spaced. Using the extension and bubble glass, I’m getting some pretty good flavor and thick vapor. The configuration of the screws on the build deck is really meant for flat wire and its working for me.


Thanks @Jim22 i must admit i have been lazy. Mine is still in the box. Will give at build as you described.