Geekvape Loop RDA review by Mjag...RDA or RDTA?

Thank you for taking the time to view my review of the Geekvape Loop RDA which was provided free of charge by No other compensation was given or promises made, just asked for my honest review.


  • 24mm wide x 26mm high not including drip tip or 510
  • Airflow options for dual or single coil builds
  • Unique W shaped build deck
  • Surround airflow system transferring from side to bottom
  • One-piece airflow cap placed in a fixed position
  • Compatible with both 810 and 510 drip tips


  • Loop RDA with 810 drip tip
  • 510 drip tip adapter
  • 510 drip tip
  • Multi-tool wrench
  • User manual
  • Gold plated BF positive pin
  • Spare o’rings and grub screws

Available in 4 colors:

Getting to know the Geekvape Loop RDA

I love innovation, when a company steps out of the usual design process to bring us something different than the norm. Geekvape has done just this with the Loop RDA which features a unique W shaped build deck which enables side airflow that “Loops” around under the coils.

Another nice feature is the top cap is not only domed for better flavor but also included a notch which corresponds with the deck to ensure the airflow is always lined up perfectly.

Fit and finish is what you would come to expect with Geekvape, nearly flawless. My only gripes being the inner o’ring for the 810 drip tip was too loose for a lot of my other 810 drip tips, they went on but would come off easily. The grub screws are slotted, so are the spares. For me that was not a big deal as they are excellent but know others prefer hex grub screws so that may be a con to some.

The juice well is DEEP, 5mm deep is what Geekvape says and one of my favorite features of this RDA…So deep I was able to squeeze 3ml of juice in it when wicked. 3ml was pushing it and if I tipped it over to one of the airflow sides it would leak. 2ml is no problem though unless you lay it on it’s side. I love how much juice it holds and repeatedly fill it with 50 to 60 drops from a unicorn bottle, reminds me of some RDTA’s in that regard. No need to take the top off either, just drip right down the middle, easy peasy.

The o’rings around the base keep the cap on tight, maybe a little too tight but I would rather have that than too loose.


This is one of the easiest RDA’s to build on, the only con is for wide builds your leads will get twisted as the screws come in from the side. Being a postless deck you will also need to clip your leads before installing the coils.

No problems with single wire builds as well, here I am using 26g which can be tricky to trap the leads with some RDA’s.

Single coil builds are a snap as well, here I tried it to one side and used the single coil airflow on the top cap.

With only 1 airflow open it was a little too restricted for my taste so I tried a coil that was centered so both airflow holes would be open.

Ehhh, that last build not so much, flavor took a hit. The previous single coil build was better but this RDA really is better suited for dual coils IMO, at least you have the option though.

I did try a dual 3.5mm inner diameter build but that restricted airflow and heated up the top cap too much for my liking. I would suggest 3mm ID being the biggest unless you like a really hot vape.

Performance, will it throw you for a Loop?

Maybe I was expecting to be blow away due to the innovation, I wasn’t but I was still impressed. Flavor is just as good as some of my best RDA’s but I was expecting to get to another level. I really did expect to take my first hit and go whoa…that said I was still pleased, just maybe had my expectations set too high? With the exception of the 2 single coil builds and the large 3.5mm build every dual coil build provided excellent results. It was never a chore to build on or wick and I really enjoyed using it.

Probably my favorite feature is how much juice it holds, sure it has a squonk pin you can install which worked great with my various squonk mods.

But I found myself using it a lot more with some of my favorite non-squonk mods as I could go a while without having to drip.

Great flavor, cloud chucker and decent juice reservoir…what’s not to like?


  • 5mm deep juice well that holds 2 to 3ml depending on wicking
  • Innovative W deck design that really works to minimize leaking
  • Great flavor and a cloudy bastard
  • Squonk pin included
  • 810 drip tip and 510 adapter with included 510 drip tip
  • Great build quality and durable grub screws


  • Works fine for included 810 drip tip but o-ring loose for other aftermarket 810 drip tips
  • Slotted grub screws can be a con for some
  • Big builds can cause the top cap to get hot

Final thoughts

The best thing about reviewing is when you get something innovative that actually works, Geekvape has achieved that with the Loop RDA. They claim a design that minimizes leaking…check. Side airflow that gets redirected smoothly to under the coil for enhanced flavor…check. Deep juice well that holds as much as some RDTA’s…check. Sure does check a lot of boxes and delivers on there promises.

Is the Loop the best RDA…depends on what checks your boxes. My favorite feature is how much juice it holds so I can carry it with a smaller setup than my dual battery squonks for on the go. I love how it squonks but I tend not to carry my squonk mods around as they don’t fit well in my pocket.

Easy to build on, great flavor and decent juice capacity, hard not to like the Geekvape Loop RDA and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a dual coil RDA. Single coil RDA fans look elsewhere, you can do it but there are better choices out there for a single coil RDA.

I want to thank Maggie at for sending the Geekvape Loop RDA for review. She is excellent to work with and in my case patient as well, I got this over a month ago. There always competitively priced, you can find the Loop here:
Make sure and check out there clearance section as well, they have some great deals all the time: I just saw the Vandy Vape Pulse BF Box Mod in there clearance section for $19.99!

I do have more photos, I made an album to view the rest right here:

Check out how this stacks up to other tasty vape gear and meet the Steampugs team of reviewers. Your bound to have a good time and read up on some great products, not so great ones too


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I loved this, you were beyond thorough, so much more than I was, and it certainly gives others a much better perspective. You my friend have a talent, and no matter how long you take after getting it, the end result with your reviews is totally worth it. Totally worth it.:+1:


of course you know im a fan of yours , so all i could say is ty and well done


Thank you so much Amber, now I am off to check out your review, your just as thorough and always enjoy reading your reviews. Now if I could only pick up the pace…are you having any time management courses I can sign up for :thinking: :grin:

Thank you @fidalgo_vapes, it really means a lot and I thank you once again for the kind words, it makes it all worthwhile :+1:


Excellent review. That single coil setup was pretty ballsy. Never thought to try it that way. Too bad it wasn’t satisfying. Glad you mentioned the juice capacity, this thing is practically an RDTA.


Much appreciated my friend, you nailed it in your review, just took me a lot longer to get there!

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Great review @mjag. I’m starting to see more of those W decks now, and they do look clean and easy to build on. I can’t NOT mention how good it looks sitting on that Iguana BTW.


Thank you SD!

Yeah, that Iguana is one sexy beast that has yet to make it into the vape shelf, can’t seem to put it away.

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Thanks as always for the review. I’m with you on this. That airflow looks so logical, I would have expected a real WoW!!! I’m sure there is a wow coming. May take a couple of tweaks.


Thank you my Ogre friend!

I guess a Wow is warranted as I don’t have another RDA that bests it for flavor, my expectations were too big, I was excited for this one. I can say it does suck to have to semi retire it, need to move on to the next tanks on the que. That is the worst thing about reviewing, having to put away products you really enjoy so you can move on to the next thing. If they come out with it in that killer geekvape blue I might have to consider picking up a 2nd to use for TC testing. The Loop definitely makes it into my list of RDA’s to use for comparisons along with the Drop and Conspiracy RDA’s.

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That is pretty much a wow then.


Again, another really informative review! And those photos :trophy:…the lighting, the angles, the crystal clear details…check, check and check!
Keep up the good work! :star2:


Thank you Zen, that really makes it worth doing if it helps out.